I blame soylent


my internet is slow and my cat hates me, it has to be the soylent, soylent green is people! im never going to drink it because of a movie i never saw, who does their marketing, have they never heard of soylent green? and it causes cancer because it has soy in it. /sarcasm i love the stuff, muggles get on my nerves


Oh dear, not quite a complete bingo, I’m afraid! You forgot to tell us that soylent have given you moobs. :wink:



Soylent puts gluten in their GMOs. Did you know it has sugar, and also CHEMICALS? I actually have been using Soylent for years and I want to like it, but also Soylent is poison and if you drink it you’ll die. I heard their mold is not organic. Cadmium phytoestrogens. What aren’t they telling us? Wow I guess everyone on this forum drank the kool-aid. Wake up sheeple.



Non-organic mold? OK that’s it I’m going back to growing my own!