I can't get the Soylent smell out of my mug


Okay, so I stopped using Soylent months ago andI have washed this mug repeatedly. It is one of those Contigo Auto-Seal mugs and it was what I used(almost exclusively) for Soylent. However, I would like to start using this mug again, but I cannot get the three-day old Soylent smell out of the lid(I had a hard time remembering to wash the mug when I came home at midnight).

I have tried hot water, boiling water and baking soda, soap and water(obviously) and my most recent attempt was to cover it in Listerine, but within minutes the soap/baking soda/Listerine smell was gone, and the Soylent smell came rushing back.

Any tips?


Arent there any odor killing dishwashing liquids/soaps in stores?


None of the soaps I have tried have worked. Also, it is a plastic lid if that helps at all


Put them in the sun for a few hours preferably all day (dont ask me how does this help, its just a hunch) and then soak them in soap water over night.

Searching for the solution online(through search engines) can also dig up more tips.


I live in Seattle, there is no sun, are there possible alternatives?


Have you tried letting it soak over night in bleach water?


Wrap it in a plaid afghan and submerge it in a pot of coffee while playing a Nirvana album.


Vinegar? Probably soaked into the bottle after a while of not being cleaned.


This is why I don’t like using plastic.

The mug itself should be fine, so if I were you, I’d just buy a new lid for it. And, from now on, always rinse it as soon as you’re finished with it and wash it on the regular.


Soak it in a barrel of frog spawn in an open field during a full moon, overnight. Works every time.

Or soak it in boiling coffee for a little while would probably work too.


May sound silly, but are you sure you have all of the soylent out of the lid? If you’re using the same one I am, little bits of stuff get stuck in the lid mechanism even after numerous trips through the washing machine.

Something that should kill it once and for all, at least what worked for me:

  • Get a small bowl and some vinegar
  • Fill the bowl with that and some water
  • Nuke the bowl so it’s hot (side benefit: will make your microwave easy to clean)
  • Plop the lid in there
  • Cover it, and leave overnight



One thing about these Contigo lids also - there is a spring that will trap Soylent in it, that you can’t get at or clean unless the button is depressed. Many times even after only 24 hours, I’ve found crusty Soylent worked into the spring and the only way I can get it out is to hold the button down while I take the sprayer from our kitchen sink and with the water on hot, stick the nozzle into the mechanism and blast it (again, while holding down the button). Sometimes takes several blasts but this always gets it.

Even the dishwasher will fail to clean this because the button isn’t pressed (unless you jam it down somehow). If left for several days… I could easily see this being a stinky issue.


Vinegar and baking soda for a few days perhaps… (Make sure to use clear vinegar or it may change color of the plastic) it might take a very long time to get all the smell out. And some may never go away completely

And yes, sun light can work too, or UV rays. If the plastic is clear…