I Created a Blog About my Soylent Weight Loss Journey


The font color has been updated. I hope it’s more readable now.


My BMR is around 1500. I was shooting for 1200 calories in a day. I suppose if I bump it to 1500 then I should be good given that I do more than sleep all day. A cursory google search suggested the same thing as what you mentioned Nwoll27. I’ll spend some time this evening to investigate more thoroughly.


That seems pretty sensible to me; though if your BMR is 1500 then dropping down to 1200-1300 is probably okay (depending on your activity of course, but it sounds like you’re aware of that). I’m hoping Soylent will help with weight loss for me as well since I’m pretty terrible when it comes to breakfast and lunch discipline, so I wish you luck!


Okay, finally got to checking out the blog itself. A few thoughts:

The actual design looks slick, but there are major contrast/readability issues on the blog title (“Fitting Pajamas”) and the date and subtitle for individual posts. It probably looks good on your monitor but lower quality and lower resolution monitors don’t have the kind of contrast for dark colors to make that test readable- consider a splash of color for these or at least some contrast adjustment.

Also, careful with the alcohol. I know all-too-well how quickly that can make up the difference in calories when you’re otherwise watching your intake haha


I did not realize the header was anything besides a black bar, until I read @nwoll27’s comment. And I’m currently working on macbook, so yeah…


This is what I am seeing. The text at the top is way too close in contrast. Also, the width or the writing is VERY narrow. I would like it to fill a much larger percentage of the screen. I do like the minimalist aesthetic though.


Thanks for all your user interface feedback guys. I’m not the creator of this UI actually. I used a free template and only did minimal tweaks (https://github.com/haydenbleasel/phantom).

Since it is hard to read, I’ll probably switch to a more usable template.


Breakfast and lunch discipline is definitely tough. I found that coffee helped me get into the habit of skipping breakfast. Yes, I know it’s the most important meal of the day, but I wake up at 8 and have lunch at noon, so to me noontime is my breakfast.

@nwoll27, good luck on your weight loss journey!


Hey guys, the Day Two blog post is up. Enjoy!



Best of luck with your goal! 7% is quite a goal, and I am interested to see how you fare with just Soylent and your exercise. I’ll be following along!


@mcpancakes Thank you! this blog is keeping me accountable so I hope it’ll work out.


Hey I use the same scale you do…Good stuff!


I like the new layout much better!


What model is your scale?


Yeah, I opted for basic readability over flashy minimal (oxy moron?) design


Are you relying on your floor scale to give you your BMI? Those things are wildly inaccurate. Have you considered looking for a BodPod our immersion testing sight near home? If you can find one or the other you can usually get a package of 3 tests for under $100 (at least where I am thats not uncommon). You will lose the whole “check daily” aspect but you could certainly do it every 30 days and cover a 3 month period or go 45 days and cover just a little over 4 months. If your serious about getting accurate numbers thats the way I would look at it, when you get down to single digit body fat floor scales are IMO garbage.


@Endtropy, thanks for the suggestion. I looked into the Bodpod and sadly there aren’t any near me. It’s surprising since I’m in Boston. I figure there would be at least one.

I don’t mind too much though. My scale may be inaccurate, but as long as it’s consistent with itself I can still track my progress. Maybe I’ll use a fat caliper instead. Do you have any opinion on that?


Day is out guys :smiley:!


Look into getting a DEXA scan done. It is more expensive than bod pod or the others, but it is the gold standard for body fat measurement. It is nice in that it will give you a breakdown by body part, arms, legs, trunk, belly, and so on. The downside is that it is much more accurate than the other ways to measure and always reads higher so you will be discouraged at how much bodyfat you really have.


Did a quick look into this for you. My Crossfit gym regularly (couple times a year) schedules an on site visit. So someone either brings a BodPod or a dunk tank. It’s mainly for people who want take the gym weight loss/strength challenge but it’s open for anyone who wants to come test as well. I googled your area and found these guys


I found that they were recently (April 2014) at a crossfit gym very near you (based on Boston). Not sure how far you want to go but they look to be close enough you COULD drive to them. The other option I would recommend is cal them and ask them if they will be at any gyms or other functions in your area where you could schedule a test. The nice thing is when they do those on sites they usually have a schedule for the beginning of the challenge and then the end (45/60/90 whatever days later). My friend routinely does this with BodPod in my state because the guy is like 4 hours away but he maintains a schedule on his website for where and when he will be and anyone can schedule a drop in on those days.

Just a FYI in case it’s something you really want to pursue (I recommend it if you want hard numbers).