I created a perfect keto meal!

You can view the standard stuff here, but I’ve created a whole page for it with additional pictures and tips.

Interesting…curious if you’ve thought about nutrient change due to baking…

Most vitamins are well over 100%, and minerals are not lost when exposed to heat.

I switched two ingredients which are more cost-effective, so now the total daily price is $7.59.

I was playing around with something similar for a while, I was baking my regular keto soylent recipe into bread. Made some sandwiches on occasion (the bread was complete nutrition on is own, any ingredients needed to be counted as extra) or just ate a loaf as a meal, was super convenient when on the go. Here’s one of my early experiments:


Well done on the recipe. Those buns look delicious, and I’m thinking about trying it out. Are you concerned about missing part of the nutrition from the sesame seeds? They digest much better if they get cracked open but are so small that it would be hard to crack 100% of them through chewing alone. Have you considered running them through a food processor or would that mess with the integrity of the bun?