I don't think the new seal helped.... (see pics)

I just popped the top on the first of my latest shipment of 2.0. I don’t know what the hell this gunk inside the bottle is but I know I’m not putting it in my mouth. None of my previous batch sans-seal looked like this…

We’ll it looks like every single bottle in that 12 pack has this problem. I’m going to be really really annoyed if my entire 144 bottle shipment looks like this.

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Perhaps it is ingredients that settled during shipping and need to be shaken up?

I don’t think it could be mold, as the foil-sealed bottles are so new that mold wouldn’t have had time to grow yet.


yeah I’m not going to just put that in my mouth on faith. If something doesn’t look right I tend to avoid putting it in my body. Know what I mean vern?

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There have been a few people, myself included, who have found clumps of unmixed powder in some of the newer batches of 2.0(before the foil seals also)

But it is strange that an entire case would look like that…do you think they might have gone through extreme temperature fluctuations during shipping?


Stored or shipped upside down combined with unmixed powder or settling? I shake the bottles prior to consuming so if there was settled product at the bottom of a bottle I’d never notice. If the bottle got stored upside down though the settling would be at the top and be more noticeable?


One wonders if these kinks will ever disappear or if they are endemic to the nature of the product. It is pretty amazing how many different kinds of issues have cropped up over Soylent’s short lifespan.

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Apart from Soylent, there are lots of drinks (non-carbonated, of course) that I tend to shake up before opening. I am not sure if there is a problem with settling in other drinks or it is just something that “feels right”, but I notice I do it a lot.


All I see is upside down Soylent. No mold in that pic. I think the OP is being a hypochondriac.


I don’t know. It’s not mold, but it’s not liquid either. Without a reasonable explanation (which I’m sure exists), I wouldn’t drink it. It is prudent not to take risks with things you ingest. Sludge is ipso facto risky.

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It appears that the reasonable explanation is the one several have stated so far, and I would tend to agree with: The settling of product due to shipping or storage. A good shake should clear it up fine.


In the end it doesn’t really matter what the explanation is. If you are uncomfortable drinking it for any reason whatsoever then you shouldn’t drink it.


That is a reasonable guess, but it might be incorrect. I’d want to hear from the Soylent folks myself.

Shake it before opening. Problem solved.


Mold can grow really quickly with the right conditions. That being said, I am not 100% sure what that is either… Other than it is strange it would settle at the top… So it os hard to rule out a growth of some kind… Unless the box had been stored upside down.

It appears to have just been stored upside down (or sideways) and the product settled. No worries, mate; just shake it up.


Paging Dr. @Conor.


Most of my last shipment (4 boxes) was like that. I chalked it up to settling. Shaking fixed it, but I had to drink a mouthful or three first to make more “shaking room”, otherwise it didn’t do much.


The bottles may have been exposed to freezing temperatures in transport at some point.
When I put a batch in freezer (to speed up chilling), I get the yellow fatty “ring” deposit around the liquid surface if I let it sit there for too long. Something like this just needs vigorous shaking to dissolve.


Make sure you reach out to customer support: info@soylent.com

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