I dont think this works. Confused about portions?u

So I just bought a tub of this stuff. Had to go through a hassle to get it from stupid fedex too. Anyways I got this cuase I spend a lot on food and trying cut back and get in shape. Im a little confused about portion size does half a cup mean the measuring cups or like the cup they give you in container. Cuase I been having like 3-5 Scoops per shake and eat like 2 shakes a day. Like is this too many calories. I also have a heavy labor job so not sure if that makes any difference. ??? I mean am I just burning mire becuase I have an job where I work outside and hike and wieght lift reguarly and run about 9 miles a week.

I know this wasn’t your main concern in your post, but don’t buy the tub if you’re trying to save $.

I mean I already bought it. If I buy the meal packets Im wasting money.

I mean in the future…

In the future buying the tub is still smarter than buying single portions as it has more portions and more powder and lasts longer. So buying premixed bottles and 6 packets at a time is both impractical and unaffordable.

I don’t really know what you’re talking about but all I’m saying is $1.74 < $2.69

The tub was made for brick and mortar retail and has a higher price point per meal that is more in line with its competition in that setting.

Its not practical at all to get the premixed and meals as I would go through it too quickly and it would be difficult to store if I get many individual meals at a time. As well as this stuff takes a week to come so buying a weeks worth is not at all efficient as ill always be waiting for more powder. It might be practical for you but not for my situation of limited space and starage and getting paid by the month.

Yeah, I’m still not really sure what you are talking about.

But a box of powder, the same product inside the tub, comes with 7 days worth of meals (five 400 calorie meals per day). You don’t need to consume it in 7 days, you can mix individual meals whenever you want to, just like the tub. You can order as much as you want or need whenever you want or need it, either through single order purchases or through a subscription (that allows you to order more ahead of your normal delivery or pause deliveries if you build up a backlog).

EDIT: I replied before you added that last part, but I don’t think that really changes anything. A box of powder has more meals than the tub does, and the box of powder is cheaper than the tub per meal,

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Anyways, it says a serving size is a 1/2 cup or 60 grams which is half of a measuring cup (I’m not sure what size scoop you are using). It says a 400 calorie meal is 2 ‘rounded scoops’ or 90 grams, which is three quarters of a measuring cup.

I cant store that much. The poweder in a container is easier and considering I in thoery went through more than 400 calories in 2 meals I probably would have ran out of powder already. Though Im not sure if maybr I need mire calories becuasr I hike, and work outside and run 9 miles a week. Which is also why Im wondering if I doing this wrong. Im already over 400 calories.


Use that to determine approximately how many calories you need every day to maintain weight. Then eat 200-400 fewer calories to lose weight at a good pace. The more fat you have to lose, the bigger a deficit can be. Here’s a little guide.

buy a food scale It’s the most accurate way to keep track. 90 grams of powder is 400 calories. or 1/5 of a pouch.