I enjoyed this just as much as Coffiest

I just got back from my business trip and my wife reported she made her own Coffiest. She said, “I enjoyed this just as much as Coffiest.”

Soylent 1.6: 80 Grams
Brewed Coffee: 12 fl.oz
1 Tbsp: Cocoa Powder

395 Calories

Sweeten to taste preference. Example used Stevia - 1 Tbsp sugar equivalent.

Didn’t I already see this post elsewhere a week or so ago?


Glitch in the matrix.


Or the OP edited his post :blush:

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The other thread was hijacked. Apparently the type of Stevia used was more important than the actual topic.

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Your zero calorie sugar equivalent needs to be specified


I’m a little puzzled by the proportions. 80g ~= 3oz and 12oz coffee is about 4:1 liquid to powder. Isn’t that awfully thin?