I feel fantastic aside from Muscle cramps & headaches

1/20/17 - 2/8/17 I’m new to Soylent & this has been my first month living mostly on Soylent with the occasional real food, but not entire meals since I’m a grazer anyway. (So I’ll sneak in a few handfuls of almonds, or a guac-spinach wrap on high fiber low carb whole wheat tortilla; etc.)

I can vouch for the possibility that there’s no real need to eat because Soylent is filling. But food is emotional sometimes, and I eat when exhausted or at the end of the day just to unwind. Ok, actually it sometimes feels like something unidentifiable is missing, so I end up craving salty foods like veggie straws or salted almonds. This is odd because I normally shun salty foods.

Generally I feel fantastic on Soylent. I have energy, I feel satisfied, I feel light & active, and my mind has been sharp. I have more time to live, with no more need to study nutrition, shop & meal prep.

I’m physically active as a yoga teacher, distance runner, weightlifter, and a massage therapist. I’ve never been prone to muscle cramps & headaches before but this month has been replete with them.

Still I love the freedom Soylent has given me, so I’m going to keep going with it at least another month, (and hopefully forever) while keeping ibuprofen & foam roller & massage therapist buddies nearby. And I ordered some Nuun for electrolyte supplementation too, as per recommendation from another Soylent enthusiast somewhere on this forum who said he was having headache problems too, and he says Nuun fixed that problem for him, so I’m looking forward to my Nuun shipment arriving. I’ll try it and let you know if it improves my wellness.

On the “90 Days of Soylent” thread, I commented that I had some metabolic blood work done two days before I started Soylent. Those blood work results came out fantastic, as I’m a health nut anyway but still love the idea of Soylent because eating nutritionally-perfectly is f***ing difficult as many of you probably can sympathize with.

Now my intention is to get another round of metabolic blood work done at my 30-day mark of Soylent, and so far I’m disappointed in myself that I haven’t had the will power to put ONLY Soylent & water into my body for 30 whole days, but anyway I guarantee I’ve been subsisting 95-99% on Soylent for a month so maybe I’ll get metabolic blood work done this week because I tried my best anyway. Then I’m looking forward to posting my “before” and “during” Soylent blood work results here for you all to peruse too.

Then with the “during” Soylent metabolic blood test results maybe I’ll be able to see what’s nutritionally lacking that may be contributing to the muscle cramps & headaches.

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Sudden increases in potassium and sudden decreases in sodium have been known to cause dehydration. Which in turn causes, you guessed it, headaches and cramps. That’s why it’s not recommended to quit normal food cold turkey.


Thank you for explaining.

Will the headaches and muscle cramps be temporary then?

Can you please direct me to the source that recommends we do not stop food cold turkey when beginning Soylent? I saw no advisement about this when doing preliminary research and making my first purchase.

I propose on the main page Soylent would advise people of this sodium & potassium issue as customers begin their Soylent trial/ lifestyle.

I think you should yield to those cravings for a salty snack. Or hydrate with a sports drink that has extra electrolytes. Especially if you are exercising enough to sweat you need more salt that is in Soylent.


OK. Thank you for the electrolyte supplementation suggestion, and yes I do cave into my salt Cravings within reason. I did order the nuun, it’s on its way, I hope it makes me feel better.

I believe it says in the release notes that they recommend easing into Soylent. As far as dehydration from the potassium and sodium, you just have to have been on this forum for 2 years and read lots of posts. I don’t remember anything specific from Soylent. Just lots of people complaining about dehydration over the years and your symptoms being symptoms of dehydration.


Regarding dehydration, I read a lot of the forums before beginning Soylent, and I do drink about a gallon of water daily, so I’m definitely not dehydrated. Just headaches & muscle cramps.

Just because you are drinking a lot of water doesn’t mean you aren’t dehydrated. If you are peeing and sweating it out you can still be dehydrated. Also sudden changes in sodium and potassium can cause the fluid balance to get out of wack till your body adjusts.


Thank you for explaining. This is probably the culprit, dehydration. Even though I’m technically so hydrated that I’m waterlogged. So you’re saying my body will adjust and the headaches & muscle cramps will end eventually? Or will I need to supplement with something?

As I mentioned I am waiting for a shipment of nuun electrolyte supplementation to arrive, at this point I think I’ll go buy some from the store instead of waiting for it to arrive.

Is it possible that Soylent could be formulated to eliminate this problem of potassium and sodium imbalance? And eliminate the headache and muscle cramp problem?

How quickly are you drinking this water? Do you still get thirsty easily? Your body is only going to absorb so much water in a given amount of time. I drink over a gallon of liquid over the course of a day without feeling waterlogged.

When I first started on Soylent it felt like all I did was pee. Like every couple of hours. I lost a good 10 pounds of water weight in the first few weeks. I also got real thirsty very easily. 2 years later I now pee what I would consider a normal amount for what I am drinking. My weight has been stable for quite some time and I don’t get thirsty unless it’s hot and dry out.

Yes. But if the symptoms get too severe don’t keep drinking Soylent.

Supplementation will ease the transition. The nuun will probably help a lot.

Yes and no. They could add more sodium but that might make it taste salty and possibly less healthy. Also they would have no way of adjusting things as your body adjusts. If you look at the nutrition label sodium is less than 20% of the RDA. The American Heart Association recommends people at risk of high blood pressure should get around 1500mg/day which Soylent does give us.


Thank you for addressing all my questions. Your words have been mulling through my head the last couple days, and I’m enjoying Soylent so much and the cramps & headaches aren’t too bad really but looking forward to my body adjusting to Soylent so the cramps & headaches end.

Also the day you responded I got serious about focusing on water intake. I carry a 32-oz bottle with me, and am so thirsty I drink the whole thing at once, then refill it and drink several of those throughout the day. I felt good getting more serious about water the day you responded. Because I guess when I said I drink a gallon a day, I THOUGHT I was drinking that much since I often (but apparently not always) do.

Also my Nuun arrived today and I drank my first serving. Will pay attention & make note of any hopeful improvements I feel.


That goes to my point. Even though you are drinking a lot of water the fact that you are so thirsty suggests you are still dehydrated. It will eventually get better. Hopefully the nunn will help. I just walked around outside for an hour in this “heat”, I live in Southern California, and I am not at all thirsty.

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If the problem persists, maybe consult a doctor. If memory serves (and sometimes memory doesn’t serve, but is instead off in a corner whizzing in the lobster bisque) that amount of unquenchable thirst can be a warning sign for one type of diabetes.


Yes, ArmourHer, I keep thinking about that, and for years I’ve seemed to have symptoms of diabetes insipidus. But as long as I avoid sugar & eat extremely healthy & exercise & drink lots of water I feel well. I’d dread going to a doctor about this because doubtful they could do any better than I’m doing to treat it. I feel fantastic and I’m healthier than my doctors anyway!

…In other news, my boyfriend got tired of Soylent taking up space in the kitchen & basement so now it’s been relegated to my closet :smile:

But not before he suggested I store it in the LAUNDRY ROOM or out on the BACK PORCH :neutral_face: I vetoed those suggestions.


They could tell you what is actually wrong with you if anything at all. [quote=“zelpha, post:15, topic:26968”]
now it’s been relegated to my closet :smile:

So you are a closet Soylent user?


Thank you, that’s the right way to look at it. Instead of me jumping to conclusions that they’d try to medicate me or make me a slave to the healthcare system or something. For the most part I choose to take my health care into my own hands.

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And update regarding the muscle cramps and headaches, I tapered off soylent for a few days, then started back up again a couple days ago. Muscle spasms are coming back, but I’m taking my nuun and using the foam roller and getting massages and taking ibuprofen, honestly I feel better with Soylent than anything else. I’ll take muscle cramps and headaches over food woes any day :slight_smile: and the cramps and headaches are not bad at all as they were before. Hopefully they’re ending.

If your body is not producing adequate insulin, or is producing the wrong kind, or some other thing you can’t regulate through diet and exercise, then the doctors probably can treat you more effectively.

Look at it this way-- if you go, they look you over, run tests, and tell you that you’re doing okay and don’t need medication or any other medical intervention, then you have solid confirmation that what you’re doing works. If you go, they look you over, run tests, and say, “Wow-- I’m not sure how you made it this long without collapsing. Your [noun] levels are way out of whack! Another few days, and you’d be in the hospital. Weren’t there any symptoms to tip you off that something might be wrong, like being constantly thirsty, having muscle cramps, and constant headaches?”

If you’ve seen signs of something being wrong for years, looking into it before it gets out of your control is probably a good idea. Bodies change, and they can do so very rapidly. Had I taken the same view as you and ignored the symptoms I was experiencing with my own illness (psoriatic arthritis), I’d have been hospitalized several years ago and lost the use of my hands and feet, probably the knees as well by now. Early treatment has slowed my PsA’s advance.

If you’d go to the doctor for a broken leg, why not go to the doctor for a broken pancreas? Just because it’s inside instead of outside doesn’t mean treatment is any less important.


Well the thirst is the one constant. The muscle cramps & headaches are soylent side effects. Otherwise I rarely/never get those problems.

But you’re right on all counts, doctors know stuff & can treat stuff.

As mentioned earlier I had diagnostic metabolic testing done before beginning Soylent, and all my bloodwork was perfect. So I really don’t think I have diabetes, I’m just thirsty all the time & avoid sugar because it doesn’t make me feel well, just like someone with diabetes insipidus might feel. So perhaps I should see a doctor, but I honestly feel great, and I don’t want to see a doctor right now. Sugar is poison anyway and anyone would be wise to avoid it. No problem.