I feel fantastic on Soylent 1.0!


I purchased Soylent to improve my eating habits, but I didn’t have any expectation of feeling better. I was really shocked to find out that I feel great on Soylent.

I have a few medical issues including insomnia. Soylent is not a cure all: I still have insomnia. However, I feel much more alert than before even when I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep.

To try any quantify it, I feel 10x better than before. Previously, I was perpetually exhausted, and now I feel normal - which is a very big deal for me.

Before Soylent I took many vitamin supplements, so this is a real surprise. I have been taking Soylent 2 to 3 times a day, and I eat about a half meal of regular food. I’ve eaten 10 bags of Soylent so far.

I don’t notice the gas issues other people experienced - maybe because I was already taking a fiber supplement so the high fiber seems normal to me. I did not experience any headaches - probably because my regular food is usually salty.