I finally placed my order


I found Soylent a few months ago and have been following the updates on the blog and reading through posts here. I find Soylent to be an extremely fascinating concept and look forward to how it will change my life.
I ordered a month today after reading the most recent update. I was finally confident enough in Soylent to throw down the cash.
I struggle with nutrition and weight in my daily life and Soylent seems like an almost effortless way to manage that.
I plan on documenting my experience in a blog when I receive my shipment in the next month or so.


Fantastic! Your timing is excellent. I look forward to following your blog. It seems we have a common interest in Soylent as a weight-management tool. Please be sure to post a link to your blog on the forum when you get started.


Same here… I like seeing people’s experiences with it. I put in for a two week supply back in the original backerkit campaign, and intend to eat nothing but that for the two weeks and see how it goes.