I find it funny/interesting that people {myself included} want to know exactly whats in Soylent


I mean get me my !~@#@!@#$$ Soylent now mudder rucker and oh by the way…What’s actually in this stuff?


The finalized nutritional data for Soylent 1.0 was posted months ago, and it has been linked to repeatedly.


Yes thanks, I’m aware, but there was a new request for this info …Today.


Ah, hence the funny. :slight_smile:


Yep…:slight_smile: twenty chars


I have a more general perspective on why it’s funny. I work in a field where we measure how accurately labs measure what is in a biological sample. The error ranges for some things (that would surprise you) is +/- 25%. Even if we sent a sample of Soylent for testing, several of the constituents would measure differently than they would if we sent in a different sample of Soylent that was produced in the same day (or the same production run, or even a different part of the same bag).

When it comes to this sort of stuff, precision is an illusion.

(And yes, I want to know also. :slight_smile: )

Exact amount in Soylent (of everything)

I can send you a bag if you want it to get tested.