I got a bad batch

I have been eating Soylent 1.2 only for a little over 2 weeks now. I mixed up a batch from my third week box and it tastes terrible.

I usually prepare my Soylent by mixing and shaking in the pitcher then letting it sit overnight. I noticed the nasty Soylent was a little clumpier than usual and didn’t mix as well as the good stuff. The smell of the powder is also nasty. I just mixed up another bag from my week 3 box and it has the same nasty smell. I am really hoping it isn’t tainted like the last bag I ate but I’m not holding my breath.

I haven’t experienced any ill effects from ingesting the nasty Soylent other than the horrendous taste. Unfortunately, I believe the entire box is tainted. I am going to suffer through it as best I can and chug the stuff to get it over with.

My question to you fine people is, does this happen very often? I’ve seen others on here complaining about a bad batch here and there. I am worried that I will be rolling the dice with every new box I open. Can I expect every other box to contain a bad batch or is this just a crazy fluke?

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wow, Yeah i just had the same experience. Bag #5 (of my second order) is way off preparing it (smelled nasty), and tastes even worse. There’s no way I’m drinking this one. I’ve already mailed them to see what they’ll say.

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A few people have mentioned this happening to them… One of the first mentions came to the conclusion that it was because he recently started a new medicine. Assuming it is not because the powder itself has gone bad, it could be a number of things inside ourselves too, such as an infection… Our own perception of taste and smell can be changed by many things :slight_smile:

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Soylent can take your bags I believe and test them to see whats wrong, and I believe they can give you a replacement too :slight_smile:

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This is very true. For a while, I would make my own Soylent-like Oat shakes but I would use coconut oil to increase the amount of healthy fats it had and I liked how the taste came out. One day the coconut oil got solid as autumn made the house cooler and instead of putting the typical 1-tablespoon, would put in about 3 or 4 without realizing that it being cold made it more dense - I know it’s silly - After I drank it, I went to bed 4 hours later then woke up feeling very dizzy and nauseated… after about 8 hours of sleep my breathe smelled of coconut and even after another 8 hours and some hygienic routines, still smelled of coconut… and it sounds nasty but whenever I burped still tasted the coconut.

I later read online that apparently coconut kills candida in the digestive tract and when they die can release toxins and this can in turn cause dizziness… I am not sure if this is true but never felt this dizzy ever and stopped in three days and never felt it again. For a long while, smelling coconut made me feel sick to my stomach even though previously it smelled really good.

Long story short, it’s true; There are so many factors that can make one food that we once enjoyed smell and taste funny. I really wouldn’t mark off medicine as a result or being sick. When we’re sick, everything seems to taste bad and certain meds has this affect.


Unfortunately, absolutely nothing has changed as far as my body, habits, or medication is concerned. I actually don’t take any medication at all. Like I said, I’ve been on only Soylent for 2 weeks now so I find it extrememly unlikely that I would wake up one morning and have everything taste different. I can 100% assure everybody that this terrible taste is not just my own perception of the Soylent. I enjoy sipping on it all day. The good Soylent tastes faintly of mocha to me. This tainted box tastes terrible, like how burnt hair or bugs smell. I know we really don’t want the folks behind Soylent to have done any wrong but this is definitely not on me.

Did it look different? Perhaps a picture? :slight_smile:

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You guys had me second guessing my sanity for a second so I tore open a bag from my week 4 box and it smells wonderful. When I mixed up a mug full it tastes just like Soylent is supposed to. I also let my roommate try a bit of the bad batch to see if it is just in my head and he says it tastes nasty as well.

I would upload a picture but there isn’t anything to see. It looks exactly like Soylent is supposed to. It isn’t stringy or sticky. The only difference is that it’s slightly clumpier when mixing than regular Soylent. I had to shake it for a bit longer than usual but that is the only difference. I can upload a picture if you would still like though.

At first I thought it was my morning mouth that was causing the taste difference but I’ve since ruled that out. Later I thought maybe I hadn’t cleaned the pitcher well enough. I always clean the pitcher after every bag but the night that I finished the nasty Soylent I cleaned even more thoroughly than usual, including under the gaskets.

I’m not asking for money back or anything. I’m just curious if this sort of thing happens a lot. I really want to have Soylent in my life because it is so convenient but not if every other box tastes terrible. I’m really hoping this is just a weird fluke.

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That’s so strange… are you sure you washed out the soap well enough and their wasn’t residuals? If so, that’s strange and seemingly unexpected. I’ve heard of others getting a “bad batch” but I don’t exactly understand how this can happen. They are all produced together in the same way I would think… Maybe their are Soylent Smurfs trying to ruin people’s Soylents?

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laughs Indeed, those blasted Soylent smurfs can be so troublesome. Yeah, I am sure I cleaned it throroughly. That was the second thing I thought when I first drank the nasty stuff. I thought ‘Maybe I just didn’t rinse it enough and there was soap residue inside the pitcher’ alas, this was not the case. That pitcher was sparkling after its last cleaning and like I said, I got the trouble areas like under the gaskets, the gaskets themselves, the threads of the cap, and inside all the nooks and cranies of the cap. I rinsed it until you couldn’t even detect of hint of the smell of Soylent or soap any more as well.

I had the same thought as you did generalblue1983. I wonder how in the heck this could happen. They produce it all in the same place right? How could one box be bad and another box be good when it is all made in the same place using the same processes? I have no idea.

I just drank my first glass of today’s Soylent, and the taste was definitely off – it has a too-sweet in-mouth taste, and a strange woody aftertaste.

This is the second-to-last bag in my box – all the other bags are fine. This is 1.2, by the way.

So weird… not sure if I should dump the rest of the pitcher.

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For whatever it’s worth, I have noticed this a number of times. Definitely a minority, but more than a few. I’ve always just chalked it up to either my own senses just being weird, or some slight variance in the Soylent production. It’s never bothered me enough to dump, but I have definitely noticed it on multiple occasions. When it happens, it’s quite different from the usual aftertaste, and it’s consistent for that entire pitcher’s worth.

Personally I wouldn’t dump it unless the taste was just unbearable.

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Do you notice any difference in that batch codes that are on the pouches?

I was under the impression that Soylent was making very large batches at a time. So the idea of one pouch being different than all the others would be unlikely. Maybe in ramping up production they are making smaller batches more often now, or perhaps there are instances where the ingredients are not being homogenized correctly.

I would suggest keeping track of the serial/batch number that is printed on the pouch and letting Soylent know which ones taste wrong.

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I’ve never bothered paying attention since like I mentioned, it isn’t unpalatable or anything when it happens… just very noticeably different. Next time I’ll take note though.

For the sake of documentation (and hopefully process improvement), the serial/batch number on the bag is: M14302P01 10.15.


Okay, I gave another glass a try, and the taste is the same. I went and poured out the rest of it – the taste isn’t right, and I’m not going to risk subsisting on it.

So I’ve been lambasting 1.2 for tasting like garbage. This thread got me thinking. I went and grabbed a pouch to see my lot number.

Guess what? M14302P01 10.15.

Something bad happened at the factory.

Time to rip open all my boxes and see if I can find one from a different batch.

-E- Oh goddamnit. MY ENTIRE MONTH SUPPLY is from this batch.

@Soylent , if it actually is a bad batch, then that is sad to hear if many more are getting this experience

You shouldn’t eat spoiled food.

M14302P01 10.15 was the ‘bad package’ I had. I could only drink half of a glass before pouring it out as ‘awful’. I waited a week and opened a new package today. It is normal tasting. My last remaining package also has this number on it…

Luckily the smell of the bad package was very distinct, so I’ll know before tasting, this time.

Would you say it smells like Play-Doh? Because my 1.2 smells exactly liked Play-Doh and doesn’t taste much better. I just thought it was something they did in the new formula because so far all my 1.2 has been the same. I did find that adding 4 drops to a pitcher of sucralose VASTLY improved the flavor, though it doesn’t taste like 1.0 did. I checked the lot number and sure enough, it’s the same

I wonder if test batches could get mixed in with normal batches somehow. I haven’t had a problem. I did get Altadena ice cream once that seemed to be half sand!