I guess Soylent will never reach Europe?

I’m wondering because it’s now been years and no news on the product making it to these shores. Very disappointed in you guys.

There is another thread on this topic from six days ago:


I bet your disappointment really stings them.


It’s been about 1-1.5 years. I seriously doubt Nabisco had global distribution in that short of time.


We are working on it and have been for sometime. If was as simple as flipping a switch we would have done it. I know many people like yourself really want to try it. Believe me when I say it is a top priority.


Are there not international buyers from the original crowdfunding in 2013?

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Yes and we have offered refunds / sent swag. We will honor the sales for those who opted to wait.


That’s not when they started production, selling it online, or got their funding.

You bet it does. One dissatisfied customer is one active roving negative review.

I’m not openly dissing Soylent, I restrict my complaints to this forum because I still believe in the product and the company, but macho posturing towards unhappy customers is a really bad idea.

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How is the company posturing?
They just said that expanding to Europe was a top priority.

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Are you buying Soylent at the moment?

(And just in case the macho posturing thing was describing me, I don’t work for Soylent, and neither my posture nor pretty much anything else about me is remotely macho. I like kittens!)

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According to Rob Rhinehart, Soylent will start shipping to Europe in 2017.

Did he actually say 2017, or are you referring to the interview that came out early this year where he said “next year ”?

Yes, in the Bloomberg interview, Rob said that Soylent “should be in Europe by next year”, meaning by 2017.

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The question is what does ‘by next year’ mean? From what I found, even native English users disagree.
Is it ‘before the next year comes’? Or is it ‘this or next year but not later’?
Moreover, when did Rob actually say the ‘by next year’ part? Was it already 2016 (so it’s ‘by 2017’) or maybe still 2015 (so it’s ‘by 2016’)?


It’s likely that interview was conducted in 2015 rather than the first 15 days of 2016, especially considering where Rob says “We’re up 300 percent this year” followed shortly by “We should be in Europe by next year”. It just doesn’t make sense for him to say they’re “up 300%” within the first 15 days of a new year.

As someone who wrote articles for a website I can say it depends on the editor whether you’re going to get published quickly or wait in line with the other articles, it wouldn’t be unusual for the interview to have been conducted weeks before the article was published.

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Yeah, that was my thinking, although I hoped Bloomberg would have edited it to make relative date statements accurate as of the publication date.

I see your point about the “up 300% this year” wording being weird if “next year” meant 2017.

Maybe you are able to clarify the ‘by next year’ issue discussed above?

Next year as in 2016. It’s one of our top priorities. That being said there is no set timeline.


Any news on this? I’m curious.

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