I have NOT received my sponsorship package


I was one of the original sponsors for Soylent on Kickstarter and I have still no received my soylent. I notice on the main page that they’re saying if you order now, you will receive your shipment in April. What about me? Not trying to be difficult… Just want what I paid for.


See http://blog.soylent.me for updates and details. They have not shipped product to anyone yet.


They will refund you if you e-mail them and ask. That’s probably the most logical thing to do – you can re-order when/if they actually start shipping product. Also, head over to http://diy.soylent.me/ and choose a simple DIY recipe like People Chow. It’s very easy to make your own soylent, it’s a fraction of the price of the official product (I’m at about $2/day), the nutrition and taste may be superior to the official product, and you can customize it based on your needs and preferences. I was initially concerned about inconvenience / prep time / mess / cleanup, but it’s actually very easy and convenient. I can make 8 days worth in half an hour.


As a note, that will place you at the back of the line, so to speak. If you’re okay with waiting through the manufacturing delays, keeping your order will earn you “first batch” shipping (early first for one-month supplies, later first for week supplies). If you want your money in the meantime, and/or aren’t confident that a product will come out any time soon/don’t need first wave shipping, I’ve heard the refund process is pretty smooth.