I haven't gotten my months supply this month


My order has not arrived? Why have I not gotten my January supply? I’m a subscriber, and I have emailed @Soylent like 8 times in the past two weeks and I have gotten no reply! My supply is almost out, and I will like an explanation, and my months supply! Is this happening to anyone else? I would like some help, because Soylent isn’t cheap.

My video on the situation.


Same here.

I wrote to them, hoping to receive a reply but after reading this forum i’m not optimistic. It is one thing to wait when not charged, but once they start taking people’s money they need to be accountable.


I placed an order for Soylent in June which I didn’t receive until December. Upon receiving the June order I immediately subscribed for soylent, 2 per month and was charged $130 on December 17th. I never received that order and wrote to you twice asking about the delay but never received a reply. Now I have been charged another $130 on January 17th without having ever received the earlier order.

To be clear -

June Order 1 week soylent - paid for and received

12/17 order 2 weeks 130 - paid for and Never received, questions asking where is the shipment never replied
1/17 New charge of 130 for soylent ?? Why when I didn’t receive my 12/17 order?

I’m happy to have the extra 130 charged for 2 more weeks of Soylent rather than refunded if that is the easiest way to remedy the situation.

Best Wishes,