I haven't received my Soylent


I ordered Soylent approximately 4-6 months ago. I’ve yet to receive my order, and it’s starting to bother me. On the Backerkit site it says this "You updated your info on 05/28/14

Your order is ready to ship!

You can expect your rewards and add-ons to be shipped soon."

The message has not changed for at least two months. Is there anything I can do about this?


I ordered one week of Soylent on May 9, 2014. I still have not received it as of today’s date. When I sent in an e-mail inquiring of the status of my order, I got a form e-mail saying that it should arrive in 8-10 weeks. It has now almost 15 weeks, and I still don’t have it. I cannot get a straight answer as to when it is expected to ship. They don’t post on their website exactly how backlogged they are, and there is no way of knowing when you will receive it. It is very disappointing.


This is very disappointing indeed, especially when I see people posting about getting consecutive “received” orders back to back. I wish there was some way I could figure out exactly what is going on, I don’t like spending money on something that will never come in.


Larger orders were prioritized over smaller orders and reorders are prioritized over new orders. Vegan orders prioritized over non-vegan. So if you ordered 1-month early on you could have received both your original order and however many reorders you placed. You can kind of see where they’re at on the shipment tracker https://diy.soylent.me/shipment-tracker. Looks like around June, 2013 for 2-week orders are shipping now?


Dude, it took just over a year to get mine. I was an original backer. Keep your pants on.


Original backer, haven’t got mine yet, my pants are off, and rightfully so.


Hubba hubba, playa!!


I ordered a week in July 2013 then added 2 weeks to my order later on. I just got my order yesterday.


What is the website that crowdfunded Soylent? I also paid to crowdfund it months ago and I want to follow up on it. But I can’t find my receipt or information. It is really disappointing that I have not received this product yet after all these months. Thanks.


Tom (@desideratapoem) ,
The website that you crowdfunded was replaced by the one at http://soylent.me.
I got an email after I pledged from mailto:info@soylent.me that was titled

Your confirmation for Soylent - Free Your Body

Soylent has been shipping now for 1-2 months in order of largest -->smallest. They now are shipping 2-week orders. Once they have shipped all pre-orders, they will move to a FIFO shipping model.


I ordered a one month supply of soylent before the christmas of 2013, at this rate they wont have the product to me before this christmas. We even did a reorder last month, because they are taking so long, and not replying to my emails, so we ordered more, just in case they lost our order. PLEASE HELP!


Did you email mailto:info@soylent.me? Do that first.


I have tried emailing.


The official shipping thread is now here: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/official-soylent-shipping-fulfillment-thread-updated-8-8 . But if I flag the people here: @JulioMiles / @MattCauble / @ana , perhaps they might see it and solve it.

Yes Max, you should have gotten your December 2013 four week order by now.



I ordered a months worth in the beginning of May and still haven’t gotten my order. Its annoying that they instantly charged me, yet over 3 months later still nothing.


Thanks Eve! We reached out to Max and have resolved the issue. We really appreciate being tagged in these customer issues so that we can address them.


Hrmm… if only there were a way to directly contact the soylent team… like sending a message directly from me to them… as if, I could create a digital letter with my name on it and assign it to be delivered directly to them…

Oh well, guess we’ll just do it the old fashioned way of asking around in general areas and hope the company I gave money to several months ago for a product I’ve yet to receive gets it…


I hear. In the same fix. Get a notice that ‘your order will be shipped soon’ but that has gone on for months.




I ordered the backerkit in January and re-ordered another week in May (I thought they were close to shipping :-P)

Still haven’t received either.


I was a backer, believe i placed on my order on the last week of nov, the site says my order is ready to ship, still have nothing!
It really sucks too, because I am out of state on business, and every month i come home hoping to finally get it.
Just got home for the weekend and still nothing :frowning: Getting kinda worried that i won’t get it and/or they won’t refund my money and let me place a new order.