I heard there was a shortage of Soylent. I have some 1.5 I need to sell

Hi there, I’m looking to sell my stash of 1.5. I really loved how easy food was with Soylent but for various reasons my doctor has prescribed a different diet for me. After a couple of months trial on her suggestion, I have to admit that I’m feeling better and am therefore ready to let my supply go. I know there are people who don’t like 1.6 so I’m hoping to connect with someone who would like to take my 1.5.

The only wrinkle is that it’s now past the expiration date on the boxes. It appears that most people are fine with using expired Soylent as long as it still appears normal, and I opened a bag to check and it’s just like it always was, in the glorious, easy Time of Soylent.

What I have on hand is 9 boxes of 1.5 with the expiration date of 6/16, and 2 boxes of 1.5 with the expiration date of 4/16. I’d like to get $300 for the lot. (77 bags, 11 weeks.) I live in St. Paul, Minnesota and could drive up to an hour for an exchange, or I can ship if you’re willing to cover the shipping costs as well.


Good luck with that. I tried to sell some 1.5 that expires next March & couldn’t get any takers.

You reminded me I’ve got some sitting around that I won’t be using…

Just curious, but mind sharing your new diet?

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If there’s any old 1.5 lingering in SoCal looking for a buyer, I’d be interested!

I did just order a few weeks of Light Fuel and Schmilk from SuperBodyFuels (I started on Schmoylent before my first Soylent arrived… sheesh, was that 2 years ago?).

Also nice gesture from RL on the temp 2.0 discount (I took them up on that) even though I’d still rather brave the 1.6.

On top of all that… I’d still be up for some 1.5 if it’s not far away…


Keto diet. Lost 50lbs since June.


Not in socal, but I would be willing to eat part or most of shipping. I just want to free up the space and have someone use the useful nutrition. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love it, that’s where I went a while back and it works great for me. I still do soylent though, just using my own keto DIY.

If one was to buy, how immediate were you planning to ship? as soon as possible or some time later?

I only just saw this… Do you have any left? I am happy to use expired Soylent and have been for a while since the shortage. I pretty much live on it. Just let me know about shipping as I live in Pittsburgh