I just tried 1.3 again after two months of 1.4


I paused my subscription of 1.4 because I had more than I could eat. I should be getting a shipment of 1.5 tomorrow or the next day.

Yesterday I finished my last 1.4 but I still have a week or so of 1.3 left over. So I mixed some up and had it for breakfast and lunch. I’m amazed at how sweet it tastes to me after getting used to 1.4. It tastes almost the same to me as Chocolate Muscle Milk (I add dark cocoa powder to my Soylent). I don’t remember it tasting so sweet when I was drinking it regularly, it almost tastes like candy to me now. If someone gave this to me now as an alternative to Soylent or as a new version I don’t think I would like it. Maybe it’s just the shock of going from one extreme to the other but it is amazing how you’re tastes can change. It’s no wonder there are such diverse reactions to each new version.