I just wanted to thank soylent for an awesome product


I recently received my backer kit recently and after a week of using this I just wanted to say this stuff is awesome. Tastes good, convenient, leaves me feeling good. Everybody here complaining about this product needs some patience and direction.

First of all, do not expect to just /derp/ over to a 100% soylent diet day 1 and expect everything to work perfectly. Have any of you ever owned a pet? When you introduce an animal to a new type of food you need to slowly mix it with its existing food. This same concept applies to people. If you actually introduce it slowly and wean yourself off solid food you will not get nearly as many digestive problems as I have been reading about. I personally have not experienced any.

Secondly have some patience. I realize the initial shipping is a little botched but if you just forget about it and go about your lives it will show up on your door some day soon and surprise you. Seriously, kids up in here acting like they NEED this stuff to survive, chill.

I just placed another order for this stuff, and will continue to consume it and support this company. Kudos guys, this stuff is a success. Keep it up.


Could you remove the autism insult? It seems unnecessary.

Edit: thanks!


I drank Soylent for a little over two weeks. I went to have my haircut, and my hairdresser said “your hair has grown an inch in the last 30 days since the last time you had it cut” I said, I finally got my Soylent, and am healthy. ( my brother said I haven’t eaten a healthy meal since 1967, it’s no wonder your hair is growing so fast.