I know its unlikely, but any smokers on soylent?


I personally smoke cigars (it treats my IBS perfectly, helps me relax, is thoroughly enjoyable, and you don’t inhale cigars).

I know dietary changes impact the level of enjoyment out of certain habits and I’m curious if soylent has changed how anyone relates to habits like smoking, be it occassional cigars or consistent cigarettes. Then again this crowd is probably the least likely to be smokers, so I may have a hard time finding answers as to the effects.


I smoke a few cigs a day, I’m interested in how Soylent will effect me with this as well. I’ll make sure to return to this thread if I notice anything!


Cigar smoker here myself. I’m also surprised I’m not alone! I start on the DIY PCP from @axcho tomorrow or Monday. I’m only a 3 or 4 time a week smoker, but I’ll definitely pay attention for this. I’m actually kind of hoping Soylent helps improve my palate for cigars, as I love the more full flavored blends but prefer the mild to medium nicotine levels.


I know adding nootropics regiment to my diet (no stimulants) caused me to lose a lot of enjoyment of the heaviest nicotine levels like the Partagas black label gigantes I used to enjoy, the effect just became too much for me. I know quitting diet soda and cutting spicy food out of my diet caused me to stop liking the VUDU and similarly spicy cigars, so I’m mildly worried it will limit my taste, but it could also help. When I switch to soylent (when I can finally afford it) I’ll post how it goes for me.


I’m in the process of getting off nicotine, been using vapor since November, and I have reduced my level of nicotine from 16 to 6, and will hopefully be down to 0 by the time soylent arrives, if not it will be interesting to see what my cravings are like once i start compared to before


Dang, those might kill me. Winter time I smoke very few because of the weather (don’t smoke indoors), so I usually start off mostly mild/medium or shorties like the MUWAT BF. Had a few Davidoff Millenium’s in Vegas a couple weeks ago, and thought I was good to go. Lit up a Nica Rustica earlier this week and it just wrecked me.

I am actually looking forward to a having a “morning” cigar with Soylent instead of coffee. Really enjoy a mild graham cracker or baking spice type cigar on the weekends with a couple cups of black coffee. I’ll be pretty disappointed if I lose this little bit of me time on a sunny morning!

Definitely keep us updated and I’ll post my experiences as well. On that note, I’m enjoying a Casa Fuente that stowed away in my luggage! :smile: Probably my last cigar before starting a DIY blend.


I do enjoy smoking, I’m not looking to get off it, but to each their own.

@kgme Ha, I’ve been smoking some CAO flathead 770s lately, and the 7in Maduro liga undercrown, and of course any MUWAT is good, I smoke Camacho when I can as well, the darker ones. I think it might make a good alternative to a lunch break, breakfast or dinner if you are drinking all your food.


Cigar smoker, checking in. Just finished a My Father - Flor De Las Antillas, actually.


Good choice, i’ve been meaning to get a hold of a My Father, I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.


Very nice. Have not tried yet, but I do have one sitting at the moment.

A shot of dinner…


Finished week 1 of People Chow Plus replacing one meal a day. Smoked the following cigars (all with about a year age) with no discernible difference…

AF Chateau Fuente Maduro
GH Vintage 2002
Quesada Heisenberg

Now replacing two meals a day with DIY, and my first stick is an AF Double Chateau Natural. Actually smoked the first half while drinking dinner. Was a very enjoyable way to consume calories and add a very subtle bit of flavor to my DIY.


I smoke about half a pack of cigarettes a day - more on the weekends, probably up to a pack a day. I actually hadn’t considered how Soylent might affect my smoking frequency or attempts to quit. If anything noteworthy arises I’ll try to remember to update here:)


I smoke Shisha (Hookah) occasionally (2x a month or so).

I tried it last weekend after being on Soylent for a week. The result was not good.

It hit me way too hard and I couldn’t handle it. Stomach felt irritable and I felt like throwing up. Went to lie down and it all passed, but it felt exactly like ‘too much nicotine’ feels.

It was so crappy, I don’t even think I want to try again.