I know there's already a taste and flavorings thread, but


has anyone specifically used Torani syrup? If so, what flavors would you recommend? I’m thinking of getting the variety pack on Amazon because I don’t think the Safeway near my house carries it. If I get it, I’ll probably go for the sugar free kind because I don’t want to end up with even more of a sugar rush.


I am very curious about this as well. It seems like it would work well to allow you to vary the flavor up day to day, or even drink to drink.


Exactly. And in theory, unflavored protein powder might be more pure than the flavored stuff and possibly even cheaper (I have no idea, as I haven’t looked into this) and you could just flavor everything yourself.


I’ve used the sugar free ones several years back when i was doing atkins… (worked great for me pls no haters lol). But i would flavor flaxseed low-carb muffins with these syrups and they tasted delicious - my daughter and I absolutely loved them (she was only 9 at the time!).

So I would imagine they’d be fine in Soylent, although as strong as they are, I’d avoid the sugar free chemical sweetener junk and just go for the regular ones because a little bit goes a long way. I wouldn’t think it would be a huge caloric difference unless you are just really drowning your mixture with the flavoring… :smiley:

Oh for flavorings i loved raspberry and i think there was an english toffee or something toffee… Can’t recall it’s been a lot of years ago now lol.


I think it would take at least a few ounces to flavor an entire day’s worth, yeah? It’ll probably be around two liters of liquid. With the sugar version, that’s around twenty grams of sugar per ounce. I’m already worried about getting a sugar rush due to the maltodextrin so I’d rather avoid unnecessary sugar where I can, if that makes sense.


I use Torani syrups, and love them. I use about 2oz per day, 1oz is fine but I prefer a stronger flavor. Ginger and Mango are awesome, I personally find the Peach pretty meh. Haven’t tried the Pineapple or Lemon yet, but I have them here.

My daily soylent comes out to about 1.5L.


Sweet, thanks for the input!