"I Lasted Two Days On DIY Soylent Before My Brain Gave Up"

Since he was doing DIY, it was kind of his own fault, but an article was written nonetheless:

“I Lasted Two Days On DIY Soylent Before My Brain Gave Up:
You can replace a meal, but there’s no substitute for pleasure.”


Soylent out of stock? In August 2015?


Stacked with plastic tubs and foil packets full of minerals, my kitchen had become a chem lab.

Isn’t every kitchen a chem lab? Unless this fellas fridge, microwave, oven and dishwasher are just for aesthetic appeal…


From her description it sounds like she didn’t add near enough water. Bachelorette chow is meant to be drunk not eaten with a spoon.


That was just weird. What’s the point of trying a DIY soylent that you know won’t have enough calories? And that has the wrong carb/protein ratio for your activity level? I get it when someone wants to try Soylent and the formula isn’t exactly right for them, but there are zillions of DIY recipes available. Pick one that’s right for you! Or adapt one until it is!

And I don’t even get the stinginess with adding water.


This is what happens when the internet allows anyone to believe they are a “journalist”.


That looks absolutely disgusting.
I wonder how she cooks normal food. “I heard someone fried their steak and liked it so I put the stove on max and left my steak there for 45 minutes. All steak tastes bad.”

Seems like her brain gave up long ago…


This sounds like those late night commercials that have bumbling idiots who can’t handle a garden hose or simple household chores in order to sell you their solution. In this case, ridiculously incorrect way to approach the way S(s)oylent is supposed to be used, prepared and consumed to “illustrate” why it is bad. I would expect someone showing how bad some protein shake is horrible tasting by microwaving it (when it clearly says to consume chilled).


Lol, not only that but this is what happens when people think they can do it all by themselves.

Exactly true, and luckily Soylent 2.0 is pleasureful, like a glass of milk, a bottled yogurt, or a bottle of kefir without the zing. (Your taste buds may disagree.)


Kitchen? As in at home? Madness. My biochemistry lab IS my kitchen. Going home is for chumps.

… like someone who burns their mouth on coffee from McDonald’s… or puts their RV on cruise control so they can make themselves a sandwich…