I like to move it move it!


My Soylent is on the way!!! I didnt bitch, I didnt moan, and I didnt whine, and I didnt cry like I didnt have a pair! Much like the geto boys said “damn it feels good to be a gangster” I say “damn it feels good to be an adult!!!” LMAO! To my patient friends behind me they are doing their best to get it to you ASAP I am sure.


Mine is also on the way! WOOOOOO!


Kick butt. Patience is a virtue. Some of us have it!!!


to be fair to the folks who did whine (i am one) once ours is shipped we can also dance and say…maybe we got it a few days earlier because of the whining… :smile:

actually i wasnt whining cause of the delay…just the misinformation that was put out…but glad its on the way for you…how much did you order?


oh also…whats your expected delivery date and address…thank :slight_smile: