I live overseas and have a limited supply. What's the best way to try Soylent?


Hi all,

I’ve been following Soylent since the beginning. As I live overseas it took some time before I finally managed to lay my hands on 5 meals of v1.2. I need to quickly evaluate it and decide if it works for me. If it does, I will start importing.

I read the booklet and learned it is best to start small and build up gradually. However, I do not have enough supply for patient testing. With that in mind, what do you guys suggest? Maybe start slow with the 1st pouch then go 100% Soylent for 4 days straight?

MORE INFO: I need to find out if Soylent is substantial enough to keep me full through the day and more so the evening. I’m a big guy and rarely feel full. Today most of my food is junk+snacks+sugar. Soylent might help. The goal is to eventually replace all meals in 6 days out of 7.


I went 100% right away and had no issues. People’s experiences vary a fair bit on that, so there’s no real answer for you there, other than to see for yourself either way.

As for “feeling full” - I rarely feel full on Soylent. But I also rarely feel hungry. Subtle but very important difference. Many people have no issues with cravings etc. on Soylent, but I imagine it would be harder for a habitual eater (right term?) to avoid cravings.

I’ve been going 100% Solent on work days, BTW. It’s been a great fit for me.

Good luck!