I lost 40 pounds with Soylent!


In my first 3 months using Soylent I lost 40 pounds. When I first saw the presentation of Soylent I thought, “Wow, I could use that for a diet.” So I ordered it and exercised daily. Here is my story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skxIGxmI9MU note to self I weighd 243ish pounds and I’m 5’9.

Did any of y’all experience extreme weight loss even if you was already is shape?


Congratulations! Exciting to hear that Soylent worked out so well for you.

I actually gained weight (10 pounds) on Soylent. I think it was a combination of Soylent having more carbs than I usually ate, and I was having bigger breakfasts than pre-Soylent. I’ve lost some of the weight now and am working on the rest. But it’s not much; right now I’m at 5’8" and 153lbs. I’d like to be in the 145-150 range.


Yeah, I’ve experienced some pretty hefty weight loss, but I wasn’t in shape at all to begin with. Since the beginning of February I’ve lost about 25 pounds, and I’ve got about 60 more to go, but it sounds like you did it in a much more disciplined way than I. I’ve only been eating Soylent between 50% and 75% of the time, and I didn’t deny myself the odd steak craving here and there. I started closer to 320 lb. The thing that has helped me a whole lot, however, was picking up a Fitbit. It’s really easy to record Soylent calories when 1 ml is 1 calorie.


I’ve lost 25 pounds in about 7 weeks with 100%food and moderate exercise. I’m 5’6’’ and started at about 235 pounds. The first 10-15 came off really quickly. I think it’s common for someone that’s obese to drop the first several pounds pretty fast. It has slowed down some now, but I still seem to be averaging a loss of around 2 pounds per week, which I’m perfectly happy with. I’m using 100%food for about 1,000 calories, then eating another 400-500 calories of muggle food. It’s worked really well to control cravings for the most part.

Here’s a graph of my weight loss logged with MyFitnessPal. It’s interesting to actually visualize the drops and plateaus, and how the whole thing seems to be leveling off a bit over time.

I recently placed my first order of official Soylent, so I’m curious to see how it compares. I anticipate it will be similar and I’ll continue my gradual weight loss. It would be nice to see RL eventually offer a weight loss version that’s 1500 calories and still has 100% of the vitamins and minerals. Until then, these powdered foods are still much more nutritious than what I had been consuming.


Congrats! Using Soylent and monitoring my caloric intake I’ve lost 21 lbs in just over two months.


Wow! congrats… I think I lost nearly 10lb in the first few months of 50-60% Schmoylent (before my Soylent arrived). For me I think a big part was ditching one of my daily muggle meals (which always included soda) as well as my late night snacks.


I’m down about 120 pounds so far, 90 of which since I started soylent 15 months ago. Bits and pieces of my soylent saga are in the notes of my recipe.


I’ve lost about 30 pounds since I started drinking soylent a couple months ago, but it’s not because of the soylent itself, but because of the convenience. Basically whenever I would have just gone out and gotten fast food (which is maybe one meal every 2 or 3 days) I’ve instead had a 500 calorie serving on soylent with a scoop of whey protein, and sometimes some ground chia seeds if I wanted to feel more full. I am actually finding if I go out of my way to use soylent I have more trouble because of the somewhat high calories and carb content (my daily goal right now is about 1750) I find it hard to fit into days where I eat otherwise healthy because I’ll end up having a smaller other meal than I’d like to and I don’t really feel satiated unless I get kinda overly full at least once every couple days ( and I seem to really lose weight better by only eating fruit/veggie carbs). That said a glass of soylent even with added protein and chia seeds is going to be half the calories of a fast food meal, so in that one instance, it’s very helpful.

So basically by only cutting out bread (I already didn’t eat potato or rice) and replacing my every few days fast food meals with soylent, I have lost 30 pounds in less than 2 months. As for exercise, I am usually sedentary, I’ve gone for maybe 5 half hour mild intensity jogs in the last 2 months, but that’s it. It was mostly replacing that fast food meal with soylent that did it.

I like soylent a heck of a lot as a product. I would love to go full or mostly soylent, but I just haven’t been able to work it into my meal plan any more than this. I will likely continue to reorder it and just use it for those times when I would have run for a fast food fix.

I also have “phil fuel” made by custombodyfuel which I like the ingredients and #'s a lot more on, but it’s a bit too sweet for me and not a neutral flavor. Some days I’m okay with it, and it’s a little easier to fit into my routine being lower carb… It has less of things I’m allergic to in it (on paper) compared to soylent (but I still seem to to tolerate soylent okay despite that).

At the rate I’m losing I expect to lose another probably 25 pounds over the next couple months before I have to readjust my calories and/or exercise to continue losing. (I would optimally like to lose about another 50 pounds though).


I’ve gained probably 5 pounds or so since starting it in October, but it’s staved off constant weight gain I’ve had since starting a new job. I’m only doing about 30% meal replacement on Soylent so I’m actually pretty surprised about how well it’s done so far.


I have lost 15 pounds so far. Soylent makes it so easy to keep track of calories!


From the other side, I have stayed pretty much the same weight. This is good. I was pretty much the same weight when I started doing DIY soylent 1+ years ago. I’ve been on Soylent 1.4 for about 6 weeks and my weight has stayed steady.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that I think Soylent/soylent will naturally get you to your correct weight. I know a number of other people have found this as well. So I’m interested in people that have needed to lose weight and are approaching their “correct” weight. I’m thinking the weight loss should slow down and then stop. The important part is that it will be a natural thing and not because you are counting calories. I know results will vary but it would be interesting information.


This is my first post as I have been a consumer of Soylent for 2 weeks now. There are two primary reasons for my purchase of Soylent: 1) Having the ability of attaining all the nutrients that my body needs all from a convenient source and 2) Hope of losing weight. I know Soylent does not claim that Soylent is a weight loss product but I have read many reviews here as well as from an article on cnn.com attesting of it’s weight-loss features. Though I am not severely over-weight as I stand 5’6 and weight 152lbs (male), I was hoping to lose about 10lbs. I have been consuming mainly Soylent for the last 2 weeks and have not gained nor lost any weight. However, my clothes fit tighter and my gut has increased in size (dramatically). The nutritional information summary on the pouch suggests that each pouch provides 4 meals and that in summary, this equals to about 2,000 calories and 100% of the nutrients that a body needs on average. To me, that seemed like a lot of calories to consume each day so I started to take Soylent three times a day for about week (1,500 calories). Since I did not lose any weight, I trimmed to 2 servings a day (1,000 calories) and 2 eggs (about 200 calories). After a week of this, I noticed my gut has gotten bigger in size. I truly noticed this yesterday in a changing room at a clothing store and was shocked at what I saw.

Am I doing something wrong? I notice so many people here losing a lot of weight. I love the taste of Soylent and can find myself consuming it long term as my main source of fuel, but I do not want to gain weight, especially all on my stomach. Can anyone help me understand my situation??


You can try the Nutrient Profile Calculator to calculate your daily caloric needs. I suspect you were consuming far too much to lose weight.