I love Soylent - but


I got my backers month supply of Soylent the end of July. I used it throughout August, September, and October, about 30% Soylent. I had run out for November and went back to eating 100% traditional food. I had noticed those days I had Soylent, I was much more energetic, and feeling great.

During November, I couldn’t believe the difference from traditional food - I was tired, weak, and lacked energy. I decided to subscribe to the month’s worth of Soylent, and started using it about 80% daily with traditional food. Whenever I use Soylent, I feel amazing! And most of the time I have been adding 1/4tbs of ground sea salt to the blender, and my crack g for salty snacks (usually popcorn) is just about gone.

However, I can’t get over the gas produced. I take three beanos before each serving, and am fine for the breakfast drink. Do the same for lunch, and by dinner, I can’t stand the gas. I try not to have Soylent if I’m going out, simply just to minimize the gas.

Once I start working out again in January, I’m going to mix in some more protein powder for the extra protein.

When mixing, I pour 32oz of water into the blender, and this provides me either three 16oz blender bottles (666 calories), or four 12oz bottle (500 calories). It’s a no-brainer now that I’ve figured out how to portion it. 500 calories if I’m going out for lunch or dinner, or 666 calories if I’m not going out.

Hope this helps folks!


For me, if I only drink Soylent for breakfast, I have zero gas issues. But when I also drink Soylent for lunch, I get some gas that lasts for a hour or so. Smells horrible and all that, but I generally “release” about 3 or 4 bombs before it’s over.

It’s when I also drink Soylent for dinner (i.e. 100% Soylent) that things get rather hairy – or smelly. Continuous farting throughout the night, and in the morning you do NOT want to smell under the sheets. Horrifying.

So when I’m concerned about smell, I drink Soylent for breakfast only. If not, I drink it for breakfast and lunch, but that’s the upper limit for me. I wish I can consume more, but the gas issue is a deal-breaker for me.


How many folks have seen improvement over time? Early on (June or so), I seem to remember reading posts to the effect that before long the body adjusts and the gas problem goes away; the pamphlet included with shipments suggests as much as well. More recently, posts along the line of this thread seem more prevalent, which is discouraging. I’ve only been drinking Soylent for a little over a month, plus gaps between shipments, and my experience mirrors almost exactly that described by the each of the above comments. I had been hoping for things to improve due to my body adjusting, but my optimism is fading.

Get rid of the gas issue, and Soylent is like a dream come true, but getting hit by pillows by my wife after Soylent smells wake her up puts things in a very different light. Really, it takes something special for a smell to actually rouse one from slumber. I have noticed, at least, that whereas Gas-X didn’t help at all, Beano is mildly effective. I hope others who have suffered and now are liberated can share their positive experiences and renew the hope of we who still suffer (and make those around us suffer with us).


I’m in the same boat. I really like the concept of Soylent, and even enjoyed drinking it. I just couldn’t take the gas. But they’ve said they are working on it so we just have to be patient and see what happens…


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Somebody talked about adding a couple of scoops of soylent to some barleans greens and rice milk, and that reduced the gas significantly. Didnt tag vanclute as he already probably knows it.

Granted this is a temporary fix, but helpful until they fix it.


When I was consuming more than .75 of the bag for breakfast and lunch - I started to experience gas.
After decreasing to about .6 I forgot about any problems.
So far I’m getting 2/3 of the bag each weekday and have very few occasional reminders about any gas at all.

The best result is reached after consuming my 2/3 of the bag during 3 hours period. Slowly, when my body feels that it needs some energy. I’m using 32 oz bottle and mix 2/3 of bag with less than liter of water. I enjoy to use a little bit less than recommended water, so my stomach can have all 2/3 of bag in 3 hours.

I make quick breakfast of plain oatmeal or plain brown rice with almond milk (usually 6-8oz or less) just to make up for the missing energy. On the half of the nights I’m having some small dinner in restaurant with friends or just nothing (so I increase next morning oatmeal a little bit).

My gas is very easily controlled by decreasing amount of Soylent component in my 32 oz bottle from 0.66 to 0.6 of the bag, so I don’t want to bother with Beano at this point.

If you have any advices that I overlooked - I will be happy for comments.


I’ve been using Soylent for 1 or 2 meals a day and very similar to the users above, gas is no issue after breakfast, but when I have it again for lunch things get bad. I’ve been using it consistently since September and have had 3 batches, 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, and the gas hasn’t gotten any better for me at all. My 1.3 should be here soon, hopefully, so we’ll see if that makes any difference, but I’m not holding out much hope on that. I hope its something that gets addressed soon, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to order again after this next batch if it doesn’t get better. I really love the idea of Soylent, but having to leave work early because of toxic gas is a serious problem.


I wish I had some insight into why some people are less impacted by the gas issue than others. For myself, I noticed massively increased gas (basically from zero to thermonuclear) pretty much instantly. But within a few weeks it had subsided to what is quite frankly probably a normal, “healthy” amount of gas - and with a normal smell to go along with it (prior to Soylent I literally had nearly zero gas ever and when I did it had absolutely no odor 99% of the time. Undoubtedly due to my extremely limited diet).

Now, I get some gas several times a week… not quite daily though. And it generally has what I would again label as a “normal healthy amount of odor”. Expecting zero gas or zero odor when on a high fiber diet like Soylent is probably unreasonable IMO. But why some people seem to have it so bad even weeks or months later, I can only conjecture.

Could it be related to the other conventional foods individuals are still consuming? Could it just be individual gut or other biology? Could it be related to the water used in Soylent prep? I really don’t know, just throwing out possible ideas. All I am certain of is that for us, what gas there is, is absolutely no problem at all.

Oh I should add that my other half routinely uses digestive enzymes of various types (including sometimes beano) and has for years, but I don’t ever. Neither of us has any significant gas problems with Soylent as around 80% of our diet. The remaining 20% is much more varied for her than I - our conventional food choices are quite different.


I want to believe the cause of the gas is the maltodextrin used in the Soylent formula. I’ve noticed that my dog’s gas (and drops) are quite noxious when I had him on a food that consisted mostly of corn. Maltodextrin is made of corn. So, I simply put two and two together.

Beano doesn’t seem to help later in the day, and I believe that is from beano not assisting with the breakdown of the corn-based product.

I’m not about to stop taking Soylent. Over the holiday, I went for a few days without much, and I ate horribly, and felt so tired and worn down. Yesterday I want back on it for 2/3 of my daily food intake, and I’m feeling SO much better!

Next month I’m going to start working out heavily, and adding protein powder to the Soylent to beef up the protein intake. Maybe even spread it out through 4 or 5 drinks a day instead. And that will certainly give me the energy I need to contend with all the heavy workouts.


A lot of people eat corn but dont get gas because of that.


Hope that the gas issue is resolved before the EPA becomes involved and bans Soylent as a contributor to global warming. Think I’m not serious? This is the same agency that is considering diapers for cows…
and numerous other insane mandates. Am looking forward to receiving my first order and am interested in seeing if the product will have beneficial mood enhancing benefits as well as providing a better way to control calorie intake. Good luck to us all!


I can’t find any indication that’s actually true. Though in factory-farming conditions the concentration of manure can become toxic enough to need some kind of addressing (in a balanced ecosystem, of course, it would just be fertilizer).


Actually yes it referred to pastoral cows in Washington State. It may not have been implemented but it was a serious EPA suggestion.


Even with that added info I can’t find anything like that. I found this article saying the EPA and USDA had been asked by the Administration to work on developing a voluntary “bio-gas roadmap” to reduce greenhouse gases from dairy farms by 25% over half a dozen years. Voluntary, and the only mention of diapers was the sarcastic query by Senator Chuck Grassley, “Are you going to put diapers on cows?”

Which pretty clearly was his way of dismissing any proposals in advance and not an actual EPA proposal.

If you’ve got a link that says this is anything more than a sour joke though I’d love to see it.


A lot of people eat rice and don’t immediately die, but that doesn’t stop your proselytizing.


Like i said before too, people eat cooked rice and most among them (in countries like india,china) consume white rice more and use aluminium vessels to cook it which i remember reading a while back react with some to most arsenic in it. And a lot of regions also drain off most the water after cooking/boiling it. Also they use a lot of onions in their diet which have chelating agents in them. But people who eat uncooked rice are ofcourse exposed to more arsenic. And if its brown…even more.


You are either delusional or severely paranoid.


I never said or implied arsenic will actually ‘KILL’ people. I dont know about that. My posts were about its ill-effects.


Arsenic is everywhere, rice more than most. Arsenic itself doesn’t kill you, but it does increase your chance of getting various forms of cancer, such as lung and bladder. The thing is though, even rice has such a small amount of arsenic in it that you’d have to be eating a LOT of it for that to be an actual risk. The entire reason arsenic is a concern at all is because of a report that Consumer Reports put out in 2012 that basically said “OMG, if you eat rice you’re going to die of arsenic poisoning!!!” The FDA, on the other hand, disagrees, and while they’re not perfect, I generally consider them more credible than CR. The only people that might be at risk are ones that eat rice heavily as a staple food, like in Asia, but as long as they wash the rice before hand and drain it, it’s fine.


But if you consume uncooked rice regularly (uncooked rice) the small amount becomes large amount (even more with brown rice). Also i didnt gather my info from consumer reports.