I might have a lost order? Help please


I’m going to say sorry if i’m completely in the wrong here but I need help. I ordered a 2 week supply of Soylent back in mid June and I have no idea what is happening. I paid for it but I just create this profile today and I don’t have a profile from when I ordered. I received no confirmation email that I ordered Soylent nor a receipt. I sent customer service a request in July because at that time I wasn’t aware of the large back order going on and how serious the 10-12 week delivery was. After I found out about the delivery time I sat patiently and sis not worry about it. Now we are going into October and going more towards a 16 week shipping time. Like I said if this is in the wrong spot then i’m sorry but I need some sort of clarification from someone who works for the company. I spent the money and i’m willing to wait longer but if I am going to keep waiting I need some sort of feedback that I didn’t get charged and then have my order get lost.

Thank you.


Tag Julio miles, Matt cauble or Ana and they should be able to help you. There have been some snags in the past few months, but things are moving. Tag by adding an @ onto their name. Also look for shipping in the search tabs


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Ace, if you remember the email address you ordered with, i am sure they can figure it out for you :slight_smile: specially if it is the same email as you used for your current account on the forums


@JulioMiles, @MattCauble

Thanks guys I appreciate your responses :smile: what do you mean look for shipping in the search tabs?


The magnifying glass in the forum toolbar. Type shipping in there to get the updates


Oh right, yeah I did that and I’ve read all of the shipping fulfillment update posts as they have been released.


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Sorry if it’s not appropriate to jump in on this thread (this was the first search result) but I believe I’m having the same problem as Ace. I ordered a $70 kit on 06/12/14 but I don’t remember if I got the oil or not. I didn’t receive a confirmation email and I don’t have profile from that time. I believe I used the same email address to make this profile as I used to during the order. I’m just looking for an update or to make sure my order is not lost. Thanks!


Tagging @Soylent as per http://discourse.soylent.me/t/official-soylent-discourse-customer-support/17316.

Hope you get this resolved.


Please help. I would like to try soylent at some point and I’m afraid my order is lost.


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guys… Please monitor the @Soylent a little more tightly…


If I’m following the “9/3 production update” thread correctly, they’ve just gotten to may orders (non-backer) and the orders from here on out are going to be filled in the order recieved, so just wait a bit longer. My order is 4 week with oil, on 7/15/2014 and I still havent received it either.

I’m just hoping it comes in before mid november at this point, but who knows…


Hi @AceofSpades67, my personal apologies for the delayed response to your inquiry.

I’ve confirmed that your June 19 order is in our system. We have just started shipping orders placed in May 2014, and are shipping based on order date, so your order is approaching the front of the queue.


Fantastic, I was starting to get worried haha. I appreciate the response and will be looks forward to the thread that says june orders are being shipped.


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While we’re on it, I’ve got a missing order as well. My subscription orders were never filled, even though I’m an original backer.

Sent an email to info@soylent about it.

Thanks in advance guys.


Thanks for the heads up @backXslash. I’m tagging @soylent here to assist you better. I’ll check back in a couple of days to see if it gets sorted out. If you get resolution before then, please let me know here.


Hi @backXslash, apologies for the delay – your subscription shipment will be going out tomorrow at the latest.


Delayed again.


Did you ever get it? I ordered in early September and when I emailed last week I am told they are only caught up through June. Now they are working on an international ordering system I believe but can not keep up with their current request level. I ordered in time for Christmas I thought.
So I am wondering if others have gotten their orders or not.


They’re shipping mid-July orders right now.

And they refunded all the international orders.