I missing my subscription also. My credit card was charged 10/29/2014, but my order hasn't been ship. It was shipped faster last month, only a few days after I was charged


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My credit card was also charged on 10/29/2014 and it hasn’t been shipped. It was shipped a few days after I was charged last month.


If you want a reply you need to tag @Soylent to get their attention.


@soylent I’m in the same boat, submited my subscription for the first time 10/28/14 however I was an original backer and recieved the original 3 month order a while ago. This was my first reorder


My credit card was also charged on 10/29 (monthly subscription) and I just got my shipping notification today. They are behind, but seem to be working to get the orders out.


@lbreault Your subscription is currently en route. Expect delivery in 2-3 business days.

@lvanTheTerrible Your Soylent will ship in 2-3 business days. The tracking number will be emailed when the shipping label is created. ETA is 5-6 business days.



Hi @soylent. I was charged on 11/3 and I have sent 3 emails since then and heard nothing and received nothing. Please let me know what’s going on.