I much prefer the taste of rancid soylent


I have 3 dollars in my bank account and half a liter of rancid soylent left,
and as a result I’m left between the choice of buying some ramen for 25 cents,
or consuming the remnants of a batch left over from nights prior,
and let me tell you something, it has a tangy taste, an unusual one.
A peculiar froth has developed in the batch left out, and it does not taste foul.
In fact, it tastes on par with aged wine, or a very good beer, with light carbonation.

Does anybody else enjoy the taste of fermented Soylent? I would make a new batch, but the taste and mouthfeel of soylent and filtered water is not appealing, as I prefer to mix it with almond or coconut milk.


Hmmm I actually dumped probably half a day’s worth last night, that we had taken to my in-law’s a week ago and they didn’t finish (grrr how annoying!). It had been refrigerated the whole time but still, had separated and just looked rather nasty, and I didn’t want to chance it. But also since I don’t drink (and can’t stand the smell of) beer or wine, I’m guessing I wouldn’t have cared for it anyway. Still, interesting to note!


Aw c’mon man, most of us are trying our best to be patient. Don’t go telling us you’re just pouring it down the drain :wink:


I know! He’s swimming in so much soylent, he’s making it rain. (in soylent)


LOL Sorry… I didn’t really think about how that might be received I guess, my apologies. I just figured that if they say the suggested duration to keep in the fridge is 2 days, then a full week was probably asking for trouble. I was really annoyed frankly because we brought it over so that the elder in the house could get some nutrition, since she’s laid up at the moment. But the resident foodie in the house scoffed quite hard at the notion of Soylent and probably didn’t let her have it, and so it went to waste. Really irritating… you try to do the right thing and help someone out…


Will be interested if it makes you farty or anything.

(Yes, I am interested in a stranger’s gas. It’s a weird world.)


Fermented would definitely be a better word than rancid - rancid implies foul taste, rotten , gone past bad.


Hmmmmmmm. How about use some goats milk as the liquid and make Chevre out of it. Goat milk cheese kits are pretty inexpensive.