I need help on making a recipe


Hello everyone, I have been following soylent for a long time. Unfortunately I live in Australia and for obvious reasons, I can’t get soylent.

I also know next to nothing about food and nutrients but know a lot of people on this forum have successfully made their own soylent.

So here goes, I am 21, 171cm tall (5’7) and weigh approx 88kg. Can anyone help me in getting a base recipe for weight loss that I can use? I’ve looked at a few threads and half the terms go way over my head.

I just want to know what I need and how much of it per meal.

I know it’s asking a lot, but any help would be hugely appreciated.


I am going to recommend you just take a recipe from the site, mix it up, and try it out. Your biggest obstacle will be finding a recipe you don’t mind drinking regularly.

Almost any DIY will work for weight loss for a couple of reasons. One they generally don’t use a lot (or any) sugar so the carbs are slower acting and don’t spike your blood sugar as much. Two, none of them are going to taste so good that you constantly pleasure eat throughout the day.

Tell yourself you will only drink your mix for two or three weeks, don’t have other snacks in the house. Drink small glasses with lots of water whenever you feel hungry throughout the day. It is easy to count calories because you know how much is in each ‘days’ worth you make up, but you really don’t have to count. Most likely is after a couple of days you will stop drinking when you aren’t hungry.

If you like fruit you are welcome to try my recipe Crude Food 1.1 with frozen fruit , it is low carb and I think tastes good. Or sort by popularity and ‘People Chow’ will be at the top. It is a simpler recipe to start with and you can add ingredients as you get comfortable. I’m sure there are also recipes by your fellow countrymen which might help with sourcing supplies.

The main thing is just make up any of the recipes that are reasonably complete and give them a try. If you feel you must have a number then 2000 calories is as good a number to start from as any, if you don’t lose any weight in two weeks then drop to 1800 and repeat.


You can use the Nutrient Profile Calculator to get an idea of the number of calories, carbs, protein, and fat you need. From there just look around and pick ingredients you like from other recipes and modify their amounts to suit your dietary needs. Once you have the recipe all made up divide by how many meals you want to eat in a day.


You could try ordering a sample from http://aussiesoylent.com.au/

I haven’t received mine yet so can’t comment on what it is like but I thought I’d try it for $13. I am using official Soylent in Australia (via http://www.shipito.com/). Do you have a backer order? If so using the freight forwarder might be the easiest option.