I need to get my Soylent to use my Soylent bribe


I was happy when my backer kit arrived with scoop and jug.

I was sad when my Soylent didn’t arrive within the 2 weeks they promised it would.

I was happy when they offered me a free t-shirt for the Soylent order being delayed.

I was sad when the largest available t-shirt was an XL (I’m an XXL)

I was happy when I thoguht that one day I’ll be able to fit into an XL!

I was sad when I realized that I need 2 months supply of Soylent to be able to fit into an XL.


Man that was an exhausting experience just reading that! LOL


What an emotional rollercoaster!


Blockbuster of the year!


The shirts, if they’re the same as the addons, are American Apparel. Hate to break it to you , but they run a little (about 1 size) small.


Ah crap! Now I’m really sad 'cos I need 3 months supply just to fit the tshirt :wink:


Try not to bulk up by going to the gym in the meantime.