"I only eat it for the nutrients..."


I just started watching Silicon Valley (HBO) and there was a scene that reminded me of Soylent. I thought it was hilarious.

You guys can relate, right? lol

Crowdfunding a cure for aging

So apparently the actor in this scene (Christopher Evan Welch) had a heart attack while filming season 1 of the show.

That’s really depressing, moreso because they explained away his death (before I knew he actually died) in the show in a hilarious way and I was laughing really hard at it. I’m a horrible person…


I only read it for the articles.


Nah, the guy who wrote that scene might be…


I wonder if they were making fun of Steve Jobs in this scene, what with him taking on the whole Jain diet.

Then again asparagus is a root vegetable so maybe not.


I don’t think it is. It grows above ground, at least the part we eat does.


I only drink it for the asparagus…


I was amazed to learn today that asparagus grows into a bush when left to its own devices. Before today I would never have been able to find wild asparagus in a hypothetical post-apocalyptic world.