I ordered on the last day, no info yet?


I ordered a one week supply of Soylent on the last day of funding, NO information has been exchanged and I was never asked for my shipping address. Am I screwed? Did you take $60 and plan on not giving me anything? I never received an email or anything. Anyone in the same boat?


Email info@soylent.me. You should have received a backerkit invite by now.
The confirmation number on your crowdfund receipt may be helpful for them looking up your pledge.


Sorry about the inconvenience, looks like there was a typo in the email address you provided – I just corrected it and resent your invite email.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys were much more helpful than I expected!
A++ service man.


I wonder too, I still has no email. :frowning:


@Rolf Once again, email info@soylent.me They will be able to help you through that channel. I’m also tagging @JulioMiles in case he sees it here first.


What did you that what I meant by “no email yet”? I sent em email to that address.


I am in the same boat.