I Ran Out! Short Questionaire


I know what you’re thinking, “Yet another post about shipping delays.” However, I’m just curious how many other this is happening to.

I’m one of the many that has been charged twice for a subscription ($500 total) with no product shipped. I’m also one of the many that hasn’t had any communication from the @Soylent team.

I’m curious how many others this has happened to. Please answer the questions briefly below. This is just for my curiosity. Thanks for you time.

1). Are you on a subscription?
2). Were you charged in December?
3). Were you charged in January?
4). When was the last time you received a shipment?
5). Last @soylent communication?

My answers:
1). Y
2). Y
3). Y
4). Early December
5). Early December

  1. Y
  2. N (but started script early Jan)
  3. Y
  4. Mid Jan
  5. Mid Jan

  1. Y
  2. Y
  3. N - Only after repeatedly demanding not to be charged in emails and on forum
  4. November 28
  5. Jan 20 by email to confirm no charge in Jan

  1. Y
  2. N
  3. Y
  4. December - New customer first order received
  5. Months but unrelated to delay


3)N I cancelled after I didn’t receive December
4) November
5) 2 weeks ago saying I would have soylent some time a week ago.


1). Y - as of 1/9
2). N
3). Y
4). Early December
5). When I subscribed, they charged my card and sent me a shipping notification. Later I realized the shipping notification was actually referencing my first order. They sent me a brand new email with information from a previous order which shipped in November. I’ve emailed about it several times over the past few weeks with NO RESPONSE.

PS - My first order was in march. If they keep charging me and not sending anything for several months at a time, I’m done with this company. Thank god there are competitors popping up.


1). Y
2). First subscription shipment came in December, regionally ordered/paid in June
3). Y
4). Dec 18 - received shipment notification email
5) @soylent replied to my subscription change request on Jan 12


1). Y
2). Y
3). Y
4). December
5). Mid-January, after contacting them saying “what’s going on?” Said it would be 2 more weeks.


Just got my shipment notification email!


Hey that’s great @jacksonkernion. I think we are slowly coming out of the darkness. I received notification of my refund from December.


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