I say: Jakeshake it is

So I’ve tried everything. eatnano, DIY, Soylent 1.0, Space Nutrients Station, Queal and now Jakeshake and I have to say, Jakeshake it is.

It tastes almost like Soylent 1.0, the nutritional profile is not bad at all and delivery is speedy. It’s slightly more expensive than the others but hey.

I guess I’ve finally found my Soylent replacement.

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It doesn’t sound like you’ve tried Soylent 1.5 or 2.0!


Glad you found something that works for you. If you’re still up for experimenting with new things Id say Joylent is worth a try (I dont see it on your list). Its quite cheap and many people seem to like the taste.


Well, 1) almost no one’s tried 2.0 yet, since it’s not on sale; 2) he’s in Europe where it’s more complicated and much more expensive to get 1.5; that’s why “Soylent replacement”.


I’ve just tried Jakeshake. Indeed, they hit exactly 100% nutritional value, consistency is good and taste is acceptable.
And Single Meal packaging is great! On the first two days I had slight nausea after consuming a meal. On day 3 it seems to become better.

For the taste I prefer Joylent, you should try it.

When Soylent enters Europe, they’ll have quite a competition. Both quality- and pricewise.

Very true, although I’m in Europe too, and I think the shipping costs are a great additional defence against Soylent’s image being ruined by poor people.

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I have to agree. It tastes okay to me and the 500 calorie packets are so convenient.

Are you actually serious? Please tell me you’re trolling.

Indeed! It seems like the competition in Europe is much more formidable than in the US and Canada!

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I’m joking, not trolling.

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Although of course in Europe we say “formidable”.

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