I see way too many aluminum foil hats around these forums


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Snopes - Splenda

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Shipping issues aside, I have seen an insurmountable number of complaints on this forum that have absolutely no factual basis. Many of them are along these lines - “Started drinking Soylent yesterday and I have a headache today. MUST BE CHEMICALS IN MY SOYLENT!”

Please don’t complain about an upset stomach if you switched from 100% food to 100% Soylent overnight. Of course you have gas if you are drastically changing your diet. Many people experience these side effects from making normal dietary changes and nobody bats an eye.

Have any of you ever had a pet? (I only ask because domestic animals regularly consume one homogeneous food blend.) Have you ever switched food brands? Any veterinarian will tell you that you do not just, out of the blue, start feeding your pet a different brand of food one day. This is the exact same concept.

If you look at the illustration included in the directions it doesn’t even recommend a 100% Soylent diet by day 5. A good rule for those of you who plan to go 100% Soylent is to SLOWLY incorporate it into your diet over a period of AT LEAST 7 days - working from 33% up to 100% at an even pace.

Additionally, most health and lifestyle changes require 21 days before the full effects of a change will become apparent in you. To the people complaining about a “mental fog” hours after consuming Soylent - Please refer to the PLACEBO links at the top of this post.


I know I hate it when my owner suddenly changes my diet… woof


My dog always gets really excited to eat her food when we switch brands, so we intentionally switch every time we buy more food. I was unaware that we weren’t supposed to do that…

Other than that I tend to agree with what you’re saying. Also you should read this informative post about chemicals.


@gambit if your dog isn’t having digestive issues I wouldn’t worry. They get bored just like we do. You can lessen the impact by just overlapping the change. Start with a 75% old 25% new mix and slowly increase the amount of new over a couple weeks till your dog is fully switched over.


If you poke around pet forums or mention to your vet that your dog seems lethargic/ bloated or is throwing up after switching food brands, they will usually recommend that you mix old pet food with new pet food to ease the transition from one to the other. the only reason for doing this is so that the dog gut bacteria has time to adapt and can effectively break down the food.

If your dog doesn’t seem to be bothered by it and isn’t getting sick I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Your dog probably just has an extra strong stomach (I know my black lab has eaten paint and aluminum cans and it doesn’t seem to phase her.)

The only reason I even bring it up here is becausemany of the digestive problems people are experiencing seem to mimic this scenario. Let’s just make sure we aren’t blaming this product for our own insufficient gut microbes.


Agreed. Just like dogs some people have a more sensitive digestive tract than others. I fall in the cast iron category. I can eat just about anything without any problems.

But I also wonder if some people who report symptoms aren’t genuinely sensitive to some of the ingredients in Soylent. In a diet of regular food a person wouldn’t get exposed to some of the ingredients or if they did it would be in much lower doses. Some people may be sensitive, allergic, or strait out intolerant of some ingredients.

The gas, bloating, loose stools, etc. can be explained by the amount and type of fiber in the Soylent. If that is the case these symptoms are temporary and could be mitigated by making the transition to Soylent slowly over a few weeks (much like changing your dogs food) giving your body and/or gut bacteria time to adjust.

The headaches and brain fog if real aren’t quite so obvious.


I have a personal theory about the headaches and brain fog, but I could be wrong.

if I sit around all day analyzing the condition of my body mentally, I start to notice way more irritation and sick feelings than if I were to just go about my day.

If you drink Soylent and then sit around analyzing your physical and mental condition with extreme intensity, of course you are going to feel sick. You’re making yourself feel sick.


I agree with your thread for the most part, but I’ve been eating 90% Soylent for 3 months and the gas problems don’t go away.


That kinda blows my theory out of the water.


Official Soylent, 4.25 monther here. My gas is semi-permanent too. Beano mitigates it, but no amount of adjustment gets rid of it.

There’s definitely ingredients in the mix that cause chronic gas, though I’ve learned to manage it. I trust Rosa Labs to fix it. On that note… just had a dietician come in to work, and she said there are some known issues with some of the ingredients causing gas. So it seems like there is information out there to pinpoint which one it is. She didn’t remember the ingredient unforunately…


I thought someone from Soylent had said they thought it was the oats that were the main cause of the gas issues. The farts are not dissimilar to what you get if you eat a lot of Cheerios.


Same here. And there are multiple threads, with many people, complaining about long term gas issues. I do hope it’s something Rosa Labs intends to address in future formulas.


I don’t know, I kind of enjoy the fear-mongering. It feels like looking at my own baby pictures. It probably doesn’t help the companies’ image, but then again the counter-evidence might bring more attention than if nothing had been said in the first place. Who knows, these nuts might be bumping business!

To be fair, it has been less than a few years since I was a tin-foil hatter myself, and quite a vociferous one. I’m surprised at how much of a turn my views have taken in such a short amount of time. I have snopes and countless others to thank for the much needed intervention. I never got so far as electronically-disguised lizard demons or whatever the rage is these days, but I was close to Illuminati-level paranoid. When you talk to these types, there seems to be literally no argument too good. I’ve read some material on the psychology of conspiracy theorists and it makes a lot of sense to me, the way everything is validated by every thing else.


It’s nice to see recovery is possible!


i recommit that you try and take a day off soylent, or you could take a day or two with only one meal soylent. that may give your guts a chance to recover and not stay in disarray.


Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear. The Beano brings the gas down to a normal level. Handful of small farts during the day.

I only meant to clarify that my gas does not go away with time.


could be the sitting around all day :wink:


While there are a lot of pretty wild and nutty folks on here, not every concern with Soylent can be dismissed as insane ravings.

The gas is real, even for those that took weeks to integrate to 100% or even some who went to only 30%.

The headaches are also real, even among those who supplement their salt and get lots of water, though the severity and duration are very inconsistent. Spikes in magnesium and potassium intake are known to sometimes cause these types of headaches. Mine went away after just three days, so I assumed that’s what it was for me. However, sucralose is currently being evaluated for it’s potential to cause headaches amongst a certain portion of the population. Hopefully we should have results on those evaluations within the next six months so that can be put to bed.


well, it’s quite normal to have little gas, but thats my reomendations to those who’s still have the “Soylent” farts


Its more than what I had before (near zero). But its small enough to tolerate for me.