I seem to lose half a kilogram every time I do a 100% soylent day

I haven’t been very consistent with going 100% soylent, but every time I’ve done that (about 4-5 times in total so far) I wake up the next day and find I’ve lost about half a kilogram!

This is very encouraging, but somewhat scary at the same time.

I think I will have to do at least 5 consecutive days of 100% soylent to know for sure, but I’m curious, is anyone else is having a similar experience?

I really doubt that my body requires 5000 calories to sustain itself every day.

I’m 175cm, 89kg, male, not very muscular, big gut, middle eastern ethnicity.

The only activity I do is walking, and very limited amount of weight lifting (I have a pair of 12lb dumbbells).

Could it be that my body can’t make use of the carbs in soylent very efficiently?

could just be mass of food intake also, im like you, my 100% days are far and few inbetween but when i do i lose alot of weight the next day, so my guess is its food volume in stomach


After posting that I thought it could be water weight. If soylent has less sodium than typical food, maybe the body starts shedding more water.

I do notice I urinate more when I’m on a 100% soylent, but I attributed that to soylent being liquid + the fact I drink a lot of water (2 liters?) in addition to the liquid soylent.


Are you 5 pounds lighter than when you started? If not and the weight comes back between 100% days it’s likely just water fluctuation.


You’re probably losing some weight too, from what I recall when studies about caloric needs are done with exact calorie counting instead of self-reporting, average calorie need ranges around 2700 for men.

Day to day weight varies greatly. The food you eat today takes about 2 days to completely pass through your system.


Probably just random fluctuations. But it could be because Soylent leaves less poop than other foods, or it could be that you don’t drink enough water with your Soylent so you are dehydrated the next day. In any case, the real test is to go 100% for a few days in a row, my guess is even if you lose ½kg the first day, you will not continue to lose ½kg each day thereafter.

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I’ve seen this too… I think it’s just the weight of food in my gut. The Soylent is very predictable whereas other muggle foods a bit less so.

So after 2 days of soylent and one day of muggle food:

1st day: 0.5kg drop
2nd day: 0.2kg gain
3rd day (muggle food): 1kg gain :open_mouth:

I’m sure there are other variables, like getting (or not getting) adequate sleep, plus the weight of the food inside you, etc.

I’ll go 100% this whole week and report back afterwards

The first couple weeks I was on Soylent it seemed like all I did was pee. I lost 5-10 pounds (2.25-4.5kg). It was quite obviously water weight. I slowly gained it back over the next month as my body’s fluid levels stabilized.

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