I simply would like to buy a large quantity of Soylent



I am looking for somewhere where I can buy premade or a dry mix of soylent. Willing to pay a reasonable amount for it. Please provide a quote and a caloric quantity so I have some idea of how long the amount will last.



YES YES! Me TOO! Maybe we could pool our resources? I think the guy running this forum is swamped with the response. Perhaps if we worked together we could do one large quanity and maybe get his advice on mixing…?

Just throwing ideas out - I am very interested and willing to help or contribute in some way




I’m looking to buy a week’s supply of Soylent, with complete nutritional information and calorie count!

Please let us know any sources of pre-mixed Soylent! Thanks.


I too am super interested in Soylent. I haven’t been able to think about anything since I read the blog.

I’m willing to pay quite a bit - not sure if it’s available, but I’m done with food.


Same here. I would love some info to get my own soylent supply.

This should be a cool forum


Seconded! I understand that asking for it premade is kind of ridiculous at this point. I would make it myself but there are no instructions and it’s said to be “very dangerous” to make it yourself. I’d be willing to get all the ingredients myself and play chemistry, so I’d even be open to a local (SF) chemist to consult with or hell even a good book to read on it.


doooonnntt makee me reaaaad


I really want a company to spring up that would provide a personalized mix of soylent as a meal replacement substitute carefully tailored to each customers physiology. We have the technology to do this now, but I understand the capital needed to accomplish this in a legal and safe way is astronomical.

That would be my ideal future though.


I’m in. I’d happily $ for a dry or concentrated pre-mix.


Yes that is the plan and I now have the data to personalize it. Please wait a few days for the kickstarter campaign and support it. I am already incorporated, have a team, and a relationship with an FDA-approved facility.


Excellent! I’m very optimistic about the kickstarter!


I am all in!! I have been vegetarian, then vegan, back to vegetarian for the last 14 years. I love the concept and perhaps a business plan in the future?


As would I. How do we sign up!?


Samesies, we emailed to be part of the tester group, but for a month long trial that we were perfectly happy to pay for, but no word. i’m excited!


So Soylent is ready to be produced for sale? That’d be great. As a Biologist/Chemist I approve of Soylent and really want to start using it. I know there is a list of ingredients on the blog with general proportions so I could make it myself, except, I don’t have the time. That’s why I’m excited to remove conventional food from my routine, I just don’t have the time to being cooking and cleaning and everything three times a day.

@rob you said you have the data to personalize it; I’m assuming that was from the trials. Will this data be made available? I’d love to look it over myself. I know that there was initially some issue with female metabolism being different from male, so I’d like to see what was done about that.


So over food. Got my bucket ready.


I’m in New Jersey and I too would love to buy a month’s supply. I have no chemistry background, unemployed for 3 years so I’m not in a position to purchase all the supplies. Plus, I know that I don’t know what I am doing if I attempted to create my own Soylent.

But if anyone had a batch available for sale, I could manage to scrape up the funds.



One question - will this soylent kickstarter be available to people in Europe @rob? I live in Spain.


@rob Same here! (I’m in the UK not Spain, but would love to know if the kickstarter will be a possibility for non-US guys too)


Just to it point out, Rob hasn’t said anything about possible Kickstarter perks yet.
Anyone in the world can donate money to the project via Kickstarter, and usually they receive some kind of perk for it.

These perks can range from “A place in Rob’s heart” for $10 donations, over being included on the website’s “Thank you” section for $20, a package of taste samples for $30, a consultation with a resulting personalized recipe (via email) for $50, to being one of the first to be allowed to buy their actual soylent when it comes out for $150.

You’ll notice that none of the examples I mentioned give you actual product (except for the taste samples package, which is really only samples, not a useful one month’s supply).
It’s rather rare for a kickstarter project to give the actual product as a perk, since the Kickstarter money is usually used for developing it, test it, getting it approved. This means, that there could still be a 6 months wait from when the Kickstarter campaign gets funded to when the product becomes available.

Please note that these are examples I randomly made up. I have no idea what Rob really has planned.