I think a place to vent that gets deleted on a loop might be helpful


Or maybe sticky it to the top…

Given that a surprising number of people are unhappy and expect that ranting and raving and complaining or venting will do any good…

Maybe a single thread that everyone can use to blow off steam and use as a reference to see that they are not alone in the frustration…

I mean I get it believe me…


It will work just as well as the threads we already have. Only because people won’t stay in it if they think or now know that it won’t affect anything and is even less likely to make any difference.

Not that anybody is, but they will still try. Every thread created on that topic is someone hoping that it will make some sort of difference or start some sort of revolution.


If everyone who doesn’t feel the need to vent, simply stops reading the vent threads, then they will be at most a mild annoyance to that segment of the forum population. Those who wish to read or participate in them, can continue to do so, and everyone gets what they want.

Also for those who don’t know, you can change the “Tracking” dropdown below, to “normal” and it will not notify you with a bubble unless someone addresses you by name.


:smiley: a category called “I am angry” or “complaint” could be useful… even though the nature of them is basically “feedback” in some cases… many of them have a different negative feel to them. “Negative Feedback” could work too…


I’m all for a time out corner. If you act like a child, you should be treated like a child. Getting tired of all these back and forth go-nowhere posts of people bickering at each other.


All the bickering is two sided, but these people will always blame us for being “negative”. Surprisingly people don’t crticise positive things they are happy with its the other way around

But someone will show up to tell us off for having an opinion on the issue, and then blame us for derailing the thread for defending our stance on the issue.


since 99% of the unhappiness has to do with soylent shipping, the official thread is already in place to do this.


Deletes on a loop… What a great idea. Sort of like the complaint box I keep over my trashcan؟


or… two sides of the same coin. It really is just a matter of point of view. :slight_smile: In general the main thing is to remain civil, but people have a way to act uncivil in the face of uncivil posts :smiley: making both sides of the coin look dirty.

Lets put that penny in some hot water with 1 gram of salt and make the penny shine a little :wink:

I assume we are all here because we either like Soylent or because we really want to try Soylent. (unless it’s someone who wants a refund)