I think I need to find a way to craft some Original Soylent "jerky"


I wonder how some dehydrated spiced up OS would taste. Maybe the lack of water would defeat some of the purpose but I’m gonna try it…Time to get out the re-engineering gloves…


Looking forward to see what you come up with!
If not a jerky, perhaps some crackers/chips/crisps may be easier.


Ooh wow. Would it dehydrate before it fermented. I bet it would resemble fruit leather… The jerky of fruit! You’re a genius!


Day number 4 on People Chow Premium and I must be thinking clearer…No way to get a jerky type texture…Probably best hope is to do something in line with what j8048188 said about crackers/chips/crisps


My dehydrator has plastic liners I can put in for making fruit rollups. Maybe mix the Soylent on the thick side, and pour some in one of those trays before dehydrating? Also, use medium heat (120-140 F) to avoid breaking down any of the oils.


You could also pour it onto a cookie sheet and do a low/slow bake in the oven. @isaackotlicky

has been doing a bunch of DIY baking, if I’m not mistaken.


I have baked Soylent cookies, and they were delicious. :slight_smile: I tweaked my recipe off of a couple gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipes, they tasted amazing, but fell a bit, so they came out really thin. I plan to try another batch with an added ingredient which should fix the thining issue, once I have it confirmed I will post the recipe. Going to try @shadowhawkxx dead simple cookie dough next, sounds promising.

I think you’re probably thinking of @isaackotlicky, he is our resident baker, don’t think I’ve seen him around in the past month or so though.


Ah, yes! Sorry to get you two mixed up. Edited above post. (did i mix you two up before? If so, Sorry! I might learn one of these days! :))


No problem, I don’t mind being confused with greatness, everyone else may be disappointed though. :wink:


Guys, since Soylent lacks the Sodium - why not to make salt chips to compensate if?

I’m not good at baking - but with your help I can try and send samples for collaborators, @kennufs, @j8048188, @Snowman what do you think?