I think I'm doing it wrong... Can anyone give me a hand?


Started out on 1.3 today, and this stuff is NASTY. It has a texture like chalk, it tastes like cardboard, and I had the urge to throw up after a few swigs. I followed instructions as they were given to me in the manual, mixing one bag, one bottle of oil, and filtered water until it filled the included pitcher. I mixed this stuff for ten minutes (vigorous shaking) to be certain it wouldn’t be powdery, and left it in the fridge overnight. Am I missing something? Did I make this wrong?


Sounds like you did it right. It was rough for me at first too, you’ll probably like it more after your 2nd or 3rd meal. One thing that helped me was adding hot chocolate mix, freezing it, and then breaking it up and drinking it like a slushy.


The first day I tried Soylent (v1.3), I had to follow every sip with a swig of water. The second day, I adjusted to the taste – I also mixed it using a hand blender rather than relying on the shake-method and that seemed to help with the consistency a great deal. By the third day, I really enjoyed the taste and looked forward to each ‘meal’.


Purists will tell you that the lack of flavor is a good thing. I disagree.

I add artificial sweetener and coffee or vanilla extract to taste, which has a negligible nutritional impact. The difference is immeasurable. Without flavoring, the stuff is joyless, flavorless, sludge which I can drink, but not enjoy. With a little bit of flavor I can convince myself it’s a milkshake and treat it accordingly.


Thanks y’all, I’m glad to hear that it gets better with time and/or flavoring. I especially appreciate the blending suggestion, I missed that on my first pass through the manual. I actually grabbed an egg beater and mixed my glass for a while, effecting great improvement in the texture. I’ll lurk around the forums for a while and find some more suggestions for how to flavor this stuff, and give myself a few days to adjust.


I would tend to agree with @A_Scientist, I add a not insignificant amount of Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder to mine (about 3 tablespoons or 15 grams). The addition adds about 30 kcal per day and 3 grams of additional fiber (and a bit of iron if I’m remembering correctly off the top of my head, but wouldn’t swear to it), which all told is nutritionally negligible.

Make it palatable to drink or there is no way you can do this for an extended period of time.


Yes, 1.3 and prior versions can be a little gritty/chalky. One suggestion I can offer is to use filtered water instead of tap water. And the Soylent folks recommend room temperature water during the initial shaking/mixing.

I didn’t like it plain, I always had to add three tablespoons of PB2 to a pitcher of Soylent to make it palatable.


IMHO it’s a double edged sword… I prefer the taste of Schmoylent (chocolate) to the bland V1.3 Soylent, but after a few meals of either I find I get more tired of the preferred chocolate taste than the bland Soylent. For me it isn’t a big deal because I am only on a 50-60% replacement diet, but if I were trying to go 80-99% then I’d probably prefer the bland Soylent.


Bottom line: People like what they like, and they like different things.


I drink it with coffee, shot or espresso in a shaker in the morning and drink it on my way to work :slight_smile:


Try adding the oil in after it sits in the fridge overnight to help with the grittiness.

I also add a few drops of artificial sweetener, which I think makes it taste delicious. I’ve never had a problem with the taste of artificial sweeteners though, although I know several people on this board dislike them.


Check it the “cooking” category. There are lots of threads related to flavoring there. If you search for flavoring, I believe there is a topic on here called the “flavoring thread” which is probably the most comprehensive resource in flavoring Soylent.


I do something similar. In the morning before I go to work, I pour what’s left after my brekky [I premix a day’s worth the night before] into a few bottles. My lunch bottle gets a healthy tablespoon of instant coffee & a dash of stevia. Tastes great, to me. :smile:


I’m not sure about the instant coffee, I might be to much of a coffee snob (forgive).

Although, I will try that combo today in the office. I will give feed back!


Just chiming in to say that this is super important. If you’re leaving it overnight then it’s way less important to shake it for a long time than it is to mix the oil in the next day. Mixing the oil at the same time will coat the particles with the insoluble oil and prevent the powder from absorbing water as effectively.

A blender probably skips all of that, but I haven’t tried one due to fear of cleanup.

Good luck!


In my experience, it doesn’t matter how long I shake the pitcher, it just doesn’t ever mix properly that way. On recommendation from someone else in the forums, I got an immersion blender and that’s done the trick. I also make sure to get the powder mostly mixed in before adding the oil, to keep the oil from coating the powder.

I don’t like the taste, either, but it’s not bland enough for me. I find it too sweet on its own, but adding a quarter teaspoon of salt to a mug helps balance that out.


That was my original experience as well. However, after trying an immersion blender (fine but messy), mixing with hot/warm water (pressure will build up in the pitcher unless you add ice or cold water), and adding the oil in the morning (only seemed to help if you didn’t mix properly in the first place), I’ve settled on just shaking the 1.3. I add the powder to the bottom of the pitcher, fill with filtered (refrigerated) water, seal the lid (make sure not to over-tighten or it will leak) and shake vigorously for maybe 30 seconds. I then add the oil (there should be no powder clumps), top off the water, and shake mostly to distribute the oil (maybe 30 seconds again). I’ll then give it another good shake before pouring my first glass, usually the next morning (by which time there is a pretty good layer of murky water on top). The rest of the pitcher seems to stay pretty well mixed, but I do give it a bit of a shake before pouring a glass. At least on 1.3 I’ve been gravitating towards plain Soylent (although I do add 1/4 tsp salt per pitcher to avoid headaches). With 1.0 I fairly regularly added cocoa powder and peanut butter or peanut flour.

tl;dr: Shaking vigorously until there are no lumps is totally possible, even with chilled water.


I just hand whisk it. With a whisk.


Like a BOSS!
Sorry, sorry. :smile: