I think I've found something even more efficient than Soylent

This sounds good (in a way) in principle but I don’t see how they could closely replicate the taste of real meat because if it was that simple they probably have done it already using some other kind of protein. As I understand it, even cultured meat grown in a lab doesn’t yet taste really close to the real thing.

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Thumbs down for poop meat. :-1::hamburger:


Hate to be the partypooper, but this is most likely a hoax:


Okay, thanks for that. It did sound suspicious. Extracting water from waste, like the machine the guy invented for the Gates Foundation, sounds plausible because water is in waste, but non-water in waste doesn’t seem very useful because if it was useful then it would be used instead of converted to waste. But the website (digitaltrends.com) sounded legit (and maybe it is legit but they just didn’t vet the story).

The story did remind me of a book once named Johnny Got His Gun. In the book they did that to a severely injured solder from a war…had waste come out of him and then went right back in to him for nutrition. Of course it wasn’t meant to be literally feasible but just a symbolic thing of how bad war and its aftermath was. It was written by a guy I had never heard of before named Dalton Trumbo. And I hadn’t heard of him much since reading that book until recently there was a movie in the theaters that I think was about him, although I didn’t see it because I’m not much of a movie person.

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The secret is to exercise the meat.


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