I think the motherboard documentary about Soylent was amazing, what do you think?


So basically motherboard created a documentary about soylent and it was great, what about you what do you think?

Link to the documentary can be found HERE!


Actually, I thought it was quite good, especially the rat.


Makes me eager to try it and apprehensive about the experience at the same time. I’m already a homebody, so the social aspect sounds like my everyday life already; extended periods of alone time don’t bother me. But I’m also an amateur bodybuilder and personal trainer, so my personal health is my primary concern. Right now I eat healthy 85-90% of the time, both real food and supplements, and generally feel good. So I have hesitancy mixed with curiosity.

@rob, have you had any athletes try Soylent for any length of time, to determine the efficacy on a more active individual?


Not to be too rude, but this was posted quite some time ago.

They even made an official response to some of the issues raised in the video back in November: