I took a dunk test and now have my exact macros... How do I?

I took a dunk test and now have my exact macros… How do I convert my numbers into a DIY recipe that’s to the tee?

I looked at the nutrients calculator, but I got lost in two areas. First it asks for a DRI Profile? Not sure what that is.

Second, after blindly guessing what a DRI profile is just to continue, it sends me to some form of data, and that’s where i’m stuck on how to turn that into a DIY recipe.

I see a section for macro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Do I need to just go and buy each of those? How do people create DIY recipes and it shows 100% nutrition or not, etc.

Thanks in advance!

Is your plan to attempt making your own recipe from scratch or perhaps just use something that someone else has made?
There is a lot of work that goes into making your own recipe if you lack the understanding and experience.

The DRI profile is simply a “profile” that has the target value of each mineral and vitamin (and stuff) that they have to be within to be 100% and not turn into red value. The reason there isn’t just one profile is because they can be different from country to country or change based on studies or you can have a personal preference for something specific… such as Keto soylent, which is very low carb and high protein and fats.

http://diy.soylent.com/recipes?pctComplete=0.99&sort=favoritesCount If you take a look at this list and choose one from the top down, you can’t go completely wrong. Read what people think about the recipe and make then choose one that fits your needs based on calories, macros and such. (and tastes or whatever)