"I tried the startup that wants to replace your lunch with futuristic nutrition 'squares' — and they actually tasted good"



I think they were too expensive, though. Otherwise they looked interesting.


I agree. I might try them once just for novelty and to see what they are like, but I can’t see them becoming a staple of my diet.


I tried them. They were so terrible I couldn’t finish 1/4 of one “square”.


I’d rather have crumpets.
So in closing I can say that I could spare a square.

reference anyone?


I’d be a lot more keen on an idea like this if it were savory.

I’ve heard some Soylent users say (and many prospective users speculate) that the problem with Soylent is that they crave solid food they can bite down and chew on. To an extent, that’s true for me, too.

But what I mostly crave day-to-day is warm, savory cooked food. I crave pizza and tacos and barbecued meat. Sour and vinegary foods, too, which I’d place in a similar category. This Mealsquares thing has the warm part covered at least, but it sounds like the taste is in a neutral-sweet category similar to Soylent. And Soylent itself does not seem to take all that well to savoryification.

If someone can develop a good Soylent equivalent in the savory-sour taste range, that will be HUGE for me. Or even a liquid version, really, as long as the taste is right – especially if it’s something that can be warmed up. Until then, I don’t think my aspirations of going more than 60-70% Soylent are going to be realized.


I had been wondering if turning Soylent into a cream soup of some type would offer the ability for savory/salty flavors like you describe. Unfortunately I have not tried such a concoction yet.


When I’ve spent too long on near-100% soylent, the food that ends up satisfying my cravings the most is a quesadilla with a good, strong blend of savory seasonings mixed in with the cheese. Granted, this was mostly with older Soylents and my (relatively carb-heavy) DIY, but cheesey and salty goodness was just what I needed after so long of “slightly sweet and vanilla”.


I tried mealsquares. Foolishly went for the 30-pack rather than the sample 10-pack. My first impressions were good; the first mealsquare probably tasted the best, like eating bread on the day it was baked as opposed to days later. I ate them conservatively, maybe once a day, and with pleasure, until I got to the 10th mealsquare, which is the turning point when the novelty of the taste wore off and I lost my appetite for them. In other words, I got tired of the taste (chocolatey/walnut/date), and I particularly resented the chocolate chips to the point where I started picking them out with a steak knife… all of them! lol. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not finicky with food; I just started getting that ‘ugh’ feeling, like I dont want to eat chocolate cake every day… maybe once a week. So basically, the distinctive taste killed it for me and I rued having to eat the next 20 mealsquares. I’d definitely try again if they change the recipe and come out with something that tastes like firm tofu or just bread. Wouldnt that make much more sense? The reason bland staple foods like bread, rice, milk, and eventually soylent, are so popular is that you never get tired of the taste and you can customize it to your liking (today I eat bread with chocolate spread, tomorrow with peanut butter, etc).


Alexx, I think you make a good point. I wonder if in the future, Rosa Labs might sell flavour packets (powder or liquid) to mix into bottles of Soylent 2.0. The base would retain the same bland, unoffensive taste that you never get sick of, but you could choose occasional customizations analogous to putting peanut butter or Nutella on bread.

A product in solid form like Mealsquares is a nice idea, but nobody except Rosa Labs can seem to get this remotely right. I bet Rosa Labs is already making plans to test a solid version of Soylent if they haven’t started testing already. I wonder if it would actually be any more satisfying than the liquid. There is something satisfying about the act of eating, so I can see how it might.


With solids there’s only so much we could do for flavoring. I think the better idea is to launch with variety packs including multiple different taste experiences, maybe customizable via the ordering system so we can each cut out the ones we don’t like.


Rob stated in one of his past AMAs that they are working on a solid Soylent. Not sure how much R&D goes into something like that or how long it takes to bring to market.


It would be pretty interesting to have meal-replacement options… honestly I think that sounds like a more hopeful future. Instead of everyone consuming nutritionally-complete (but uniform and bland) food or drinks, they will have figured out how to make all foods equally as nutritious. You could have pizza or a smoothie or even hot chocolate and never lose the benefits of a healthy diet…


A similar? thought occurred to me, i imagined fast food chains adding stuff like K2, magnesium into the ketchup used for burgers and fries :smile: to make them more heart healthy to attract people when foods like soylent become much more popular and people becoming more health conscious and traffic into those places begin to fall.