"I Tried To Give Up Food for 30 Days With Soylent"

From Huffington Post:

Dunno about you, but when I was drinking Soylent, I didn’t miss ‘real’ food.

How is that possible, you ask?

Because I still eat ‘real’ food.

Go ahead, take a few minutes to compose yourself, I know it’s utterly mind-blowing.


Yes, and sometimes I have to do that, which is why I’m going to start choosing Soylent for those times.

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Has there even been one article that didn’t completely miss this point? But I guess it wouldn’t be as interesting then because it wouldn’t be sensationalist.


It will get better when everybody knows somebody who is using Soylent.

It was that way about Twitter. It was that way about the World Wide Web. It’s been that way about a lot of things.

It’s still that way about a lot of things I like, actually.


I think the whole idea of how much people enjoy food is a kind of mass delusion. How many people have excellent gourmet meals anyway, and how often. I see an awful lot of fast food places with mediocre food, and long lines of patrons.

When I was growing up, I suddenly realized that I didn’t have much to talk about with my father except food and Gilligan’s Island, both of similar quality. That didn’t make them good, just all we had left.


True, and the mass media form of journalism relies on sensationalism these days.

Just looking at the first two paragraphs of the article, it seems obvious that the reporter is not a good candidate for 100% Soylent – she’s a complete foodie. I don’t imagine most foodies could go 100% unless they were absolutely desperate for time, and didn’t have any decent take-out options.

Agreed… add to that the notion that many tastes are “acquired”…

For many years I couldn’t slurp down enough cheesy beefy Taco Bell whatevers… Now the stuff tastes wretched to me…

Most peoples first reaction to Soylent varies between Ick and Meh… For me personally it took a few days for 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 to grow on me (especially 1.5). But now it’s just Soylenty-yummiliscious… mmmm… Soylent.

But to the point of this thread… Yet another blogger using Soylent incorrectly… sigh.

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If you’re only using Soylent occasionally, then you’re not really “doing Soylent.” Soylent makes itself a target by promising a utopian future where you “free yourself from food”–that’s the whole point! That’s it’s thing! If you don’t use Soylent all the time, you might as well just eat a snack bar or something, and you’ll get the snack without the sanctimony.

Where did Soylent promise a utopian future? I didn’t see that. Do you think I can sue Rosa Labs?


Uh, go to the Soylent home page. I guess it doesn’t have “Imagine a future without food” (or similar) anymore, but it does have the tanned pfaff standing in front of his house hand-built of driftwood with his recycled-bottle decorative windmill, looking off into the sea on a wilderness shore and wondering if he remembered to shake up some powdered food last night.

I don’t think that “imagine a future without food” equals “we promise utopia.”

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