I want to trade new size scoop for old scoop


So I got my soylent 1.3 a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t get to try it until last week. I tried it, found it to not taste disgusting or objectionable or be offensive to my digestive system, and decided this was something I was going to keep doing. I wanted to get a separate scoop so I would have one for water and one for soylent. I saw the 1.4 announcement that they were changing scoop sizes but hadn’t yet and ordered another scoop immediately while it still showed on the front page as a 135 ml scoop. I received scoop today, and it is the new 112 ml scoop even though the front page still shows the 135 ml scoop. Someone should really change that.

I would like to trade the new 112 ml scoop for an old 135 ml scoop.
I am in the Beaumont, TX area. It is about an hour east of Houston or an hour west of Lake Charles.


If you don’t get someone local and want to swap by mail, I could probably do that.


Maybe customer service will just send you an old one. I would.


I’m in CT, but I could certainly shoot one of mine your way. Before my subscription started, I bought a box of Soylent from a guy locally and he tossed in the scoop as a bonus. I sure as heck don’t need two, and it’d be nice to have the new version.