I went FIVE DAYS without Soylent


And it was sad.

And I was craving Soylent.

And the first sip this morning was delicious.

Restaurants in the Midwest were hard to stomach. I made a huge mistake not packing Soylent.

Let this tale of woe serve as a warning to all of you: NEVER travel without Soylent. And never order strawberry pancakes from Bob Evans.


Where in the midwest were you? lol Here in Kansas City we have some amazing restaurants.


I could eat Arthur Bryants every day of my life


Dayton Ohio. My choices were Bob Evans, Max & Erma’s and similar.


HAHAHA! I hear ya. Arthur Bryants isnt my favorite here but they are very good.


Oh that sucks. Max & Ermas? Home cooking?


Who’s Bob Evans? Why did he get Soylent before me?


I’m really worried about all the travelling I do and my impending Soylent delivery (no email yet, but I’m hopeful very soon!)

I’m on the road a lot and haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to transport it. Here are some of the issues us travelers will face:

  • Do I pack it in my checked bag, or do I keep it in my carry on? I haven’t seen the pouches yet, but feel they will be pretty big. I will probably have to check it.
  • Do I pack my pitcher too? I’ll have to get good at portioning out the right amount of powder and oil without the pitcher.
  • Once I get to my destination, will there be anywhere to keep my Soylent cold? Some hotels have small fridges, and some don’t. I guess I’ll have to get picky about where I stay. I hope HP doesn’t mind if I spend a little bit more…
  • Do I bring it with me in the rental car between meetings? Will it get too warm in the car and explode?
  • What about business lunches and dinners? OMG, how am I going to handle that?
  • What if I have some left over? How will I get it home? Will TSA bother me with a half full pitcher of Soylent, on my way into the airport?

I plan on video blogging my experience, so hopefully I can answer some of these difficult questions.


The oil bottles are small enough to bring in carry on, but you’ll have to put them in your one-quart ziplock baggie along with any other carry-on liquids.

Are you unwilling to intersperse Soylent with conventional meals at restaurants? Obviously the simplest way to take a business lunch/dinner is the regular way. If not, you could probably tell them you’re on a special diet and drink tea or something.

If you’re going to leave it in the car, invest in a really insulating container. There’s a topic for those here, including some that can keep ice frozen for more than a day. That’s the level you’ll want.


You poor soul. I get upset when I miss a single day. Missing it for nearly a week sounds awful.


Yes! Please do. Though there are other threads from folks who have traveled with Soylent, I think a video would be great.

It was a mistake for me not to take it because I ended up barely eating on my trip.


I nearly died. :smile:


So if you live primarily on Soylent for a long period of time, will it rid you of your bodies natural defenses against malnutrition ultimately making you dependent upon meal replacement? I really hope not.


For me, I didn’t have a dependency. It’s just that the difference in how I feel on Soylent vs off of it. I just refuse to go back to the way I was before Soylent.


What? The only defence against malnutrition is good nutrition, no matter the form or shape it comes in.


For keeping your Soylent cold, I recommend any of the Vacuum thermos bottles you can buy. Either a larger one like they sell at Walmart/Target (Stanley or Thermos, 1.4-2L) or a couple of smaller ones like the 20oz Contigo Fits I got at Costco (2 for about $24). I always bring 2 with me to work with 4 cubes of ice each. Generally I need a few more ice cubes around lunch for the remaining one. The two bottles get me to dinner no problem.

But basically add some ice and put it in a vacuum thermos and you should be fine.


Thanks for the advice! I bought an EcoVessel (triple glass lined…) a month ago and it seems to keep cold things very cold and hot things very hot (how do it know?) but nervous about travelling with it. Maybe another one from the places you suggested would be a good purchase.

Also - the point above about just eating regular meals in business lunches and dinners was a good one. I’ve been touting to my family and friends that I was going to go 30 days on Soylent only (mainly just to motivate me) but only after I ween myself on to it. I’m sure I’ll think of something to say.


Keep in mind you can take soylent powder through TSA no problem. Do not take pre mixed through security. The oil will need yo be in the 1quart Baggie along with your other liquid. I’ve found that taking 3 days for a week trip seems about right as you will most likely be eating out with others.
To get it cold just use ice as part of your mixing.
Don’t forget that Soylent isn’t here to take away the enjoyment of eating socially. And please don’t see it as failure if you don’t stay 100% Soylent.


Agreed, 100%. @vanclute has been kind enough to give me some sage advice on these forums. If you saw me, you would understand just how much I love eating socially!


A Jasper Fforde fan?

Yeah there are a bunch of stainless steel thermos bottles that can be much more safely traveled with. I just bought a classic Stanley 1.4L bottle from Target for $25 that should hold two meals worth and will be more rugged than the Contigos I have I think. However a bit less convenient to drink out of so I’m planning on using it when I need to store for awhile, or just need more than the 40 oz I normally carry.