I will buy your version 1.4 Soylent


If anyone is unhappy and wants to sell their 1.4 Soylent I will buy it. I will buy it for ~7 dollars per bag.

1 week = 50
2 weeks = 100
1 month = 200

PM me if you are interested in selling.

thank you

Update Price includes shipping. These prices are discounted from the official price as I already have an ongoing subscription. So I am looking to make deals to benefit both parties.


Just to clarify, is that price with or without shipping included?


By the way you have setup your offer… I assume you are going to resell it. If that is the case, I would argue that anyone wanting to sell their Soylent 1.4 have two better options… asking for a refund or selling it to someone who wont mind paying full price + shipping to get it international

@grbox2001 is it for personal use or for something else? :slight_smile: care to elaborate?


Not looking to resell it. I enjoy Soylent but it is a bit pricey for my current income right now. (Start my full time teaching job in September.) I have seen a lot of people on here looking to sell their Soylent because they are unhappy with 1.4. If I can buy it at a slightly lower price and people can sell what they don’t want it seems to be win/win.

I tried DIY and although it was ok I didn’t like making it myself. I was worried that I wasn’t getting an even mix when I was mixing hundreds of grams of one thing with 4 or 5 grams of another.

EDIT I live in the United States (Washington state specifically) So I would assume this deal would only work well for other people that live in the U.S.


So, let me get this straight. You will happily buy a product that is currently being sold at a lower price than that product is currently being sold for.

Sounds legit! Where do I sign up?


If you read the boards people have sold their unwanted Soylent at a discounted price.


On here, most trade a version they don’t like for a version they do like.


I think that the terms being offered are perfectly clear; anyone who doesn’t like them can not accept the offer.


Ok, just wanted to be sure :slight_smile: will take your word for it. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope someone wants to sell some to you


I am willing to sell mine…I really loved soylent but 1.4 I cant stand the taste…

I regret buying 2 months worth…Anywho I have 2 months worth bags which I only used about like 5-7.

I don’t mind selling it if you are really serious. Some are still in their boxes


With the new announcement of 1.5 I am sure many of you are pleased. I will continue to buy your unwanted 1.4 at the price of 7 dollars per bag.


I’ll pay $7 per bag also for 1.4.