I wish there was


I wish there was a bar version of this. Something like a granola bar but 100 soylent.

I dislike drinking meal replacement shakes but would go for the bars.


Yep many of us agree fully with that sentiment! I’ve made cookies and brownies, both are awesomely delicious and highly satisfying. A commercially-made, ready-to-eat prepackaged version of the same would be very welcome in my book.


I wish I had Soylent.


Well, one day maybe. They do still have a lot of work to do before they can think of new things. They are working on an in-house manufacturing center, and still have a ton of orders to fill.


When was this announced? I didn’t realize they were moving away from the outsourced production model…


There hasn’t been any major announcement, just talk from @JulioMiles and tidbits. It was one of the reasons they moved their HQ, cheaper warehouses and less manufacturing constrictions. I don’t know off the top of my head which thread it was, but @JulioMiles hinted that they may make an announcement about it “some time soon” when I asked, but that was before the shipping started. I’ll see if I can find the thread/blog posts that drop these juicy nuggets.

quote from http://www.rosalabs.com/project/soylent-closes-1-5m/

Soylent will use the funding to help bring their manufacturing in-house and to do product development,

from http://blog.soylent.me/post/64789154918/soylent-funding-announcement

The amount raised was based on our projections and 18 month plan, and
should carry us comfortably through the near term of product
development, hiring, and the first stages of in house manufacturing,


I treat clif bars like this. Little more expensive around $1.40 per bar at 240 calories each, but they do include extra nutrients. I like to have 2 bars and a glass of milk when I’m feeling too lazy to make a meal and didn’t prepare soylent. Macro ratio is pretty good and I think it has a good mix of vitamins.


Are those cookies 100% Soylent, or do you add sugar/chocolate/flour/etc?


I made them based on @leecauble1’s recipe, so they have butter, oil, a little sugar, chocolate chips, etc. No flour other than to keep them from completely sticking to me while putting them on cookie sheets.

They did end up being somewhat similar to something like a cliff bar in consistency, though taste wise they were simply chewy chocolate chip cookies. I’d love to figure out how to make Soylent cookies that would actually crumble and not be quite so soft.


I will confirm that @vanclute has become a master baker of Soylent goodies. Took some of his cookies on the trail for my morning hike and they saved the day.


wait wait… he bakes them and then send them to you?

where do i get some??


It is a very symbiotic experience. Because of his devotion to the product (and his excellent videos) I asked him to be my first taste tester outside team Soylent and my family. In return he sent me his chocolate chip cookies. He does have a kickstarter for brownies going. You could jump on that to see what baked Soylent is like. I’m going to keep testing things out. I’ll let you all know what else comes along. Although, like I mentioned to @vanclute I was never the stay home and bake cookies type of mom so I really have to be in the mood to bake. Having a solid version is a nice afternoon treat.


well i better think of a way to butter up @vanclute to see if I can get some cookies… haha


Oh, so it wouldn’t be wise to just stop drinking Soylent and start eating those cookies instead. :wink:


LOL… yes indeed, as @leecauble1 said, she was super kind and let us taste test some of her recent batch of peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies. When I finally got around to baking my own choc. chip cookies (a variant on her recipe) we had to respond in kind. Besides, she sent them out in these really nice little tupperware containers and we felt bad keepin’ em! :wink:

But as she mentioned, I did fire up a kickstarter on a lark for Soylent Brownies, and it’s actually over 100% funded now so brownies WILL be happening. If anyone would like to participate you are definitely welcome and encouraged to do so. =) At the moment I’m thinking I’m going to end up doing at least 2 variations - chocolate chips on top, and peanut butter (being MIGHTY careful to avoid any chance of contamination for those with nut allergies like @axcho). But there may end up being more, if more people participate and suggest alternative ingredients to add.

Frankly I would probably make the cookies more often if the batter wasn’t so insanely sticky. It’s really quite difficult to work with, and I felt like I was wasting a lot of raw material. But the end product sure was tasty!!

Yeah probably not a great idea. But they definitely make an awesome snack, and part of this complete breakfast! :wink: